UFC fighter came to the weigh-in the image of the Joker


© AFP 2019 / MAURO PIMENTELUFC Fighter Marcus PerezБоец UFC пришел на взвешивание в образе Джокера

Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Marcus Perez appeared on the official weighing ceremony before UFC in the makeup of the clown-villain Joker.

On Saturday in Sao Paulo will host UFC Fight Night 164, in which 29-year-old Brazilian will compete with his compatriot Wellington Thurman.

On the eve took place the official ceremony of weighing the fighters of UFC Fight Night 164.

Perez decided to surprise local audience and impressed everyone present with his image: the Brazilian appeared in the image of the Joker from the same movie which was released this year and became an absolute worldwide hit.

The upcoming fight will be Perez’s 15th in mixed martial arts. At the moment, on account of his 12 victories in 14 games.

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