Unknown stole the laptop from the personal physician of Michael Schumacher of Johannes Pile


Not for the first time the attackers get to the places where you can store information about the state of health of seven-time champion “Formula 1” Michael Schumacher. In June was the stolen history of the disease, and this time the criminals stole a laptop personal physician racer — Johannes Pile.


photo: AP

The Johannes Pile, the personal physician of Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg and the Dalai Lama, the laptop was stolen. It happened between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, in one of clinics of Germany. In addition to computer criminals also stole a few hundred Euro, prescription pad and a bottle of perfume.

The doctor refused to tell if the computer has important information about the state of health of Michael Schumacher, currently undergoing rehabilitation after a severe head injury, according to Bild.

It should be noted that it already the second case when the attackers are trying to steal something that can give information about Schumacher. In June of 2014 from rehab in Grenoble were stolen history of the rider, and then the criminals are offered a variety of media to buy it for 50 thousand Euro. Then, on suspicion of theft, was arrested an employee of the Swiss “air ambulance” that carried out the transportation of Michael in a helicopter. However, in the day of judgment, the accused was found hanged in his cell.

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