Utkin called for the release from prison Pratasavickaja


© RIA Novosti / Eugene biyatov / Go to the Bankconsideration of the merits of the criminal case against Alexander Kokorin and Pavel MamaevУткин призвал освободить Протасовицкого из колонии

A well-known blogger Vasily Utkin has called for the release from prison of Alexander Pratasavickaja, who along with the players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev is serving time for beating two people in the center of Moscow in the fall of 2018.

September 6, Alekseevskiy district court of Belgorod region has satisfied the petition of Kokorin, his younger brother Cyril and Mamaev about parole. Klintsovskiy city court of the Bryansk region has transferred consideration of the petition of their mutual friend Pratasavickaja PAROLE on September 24.

“Three were released. Mamaev and Komarinyh. The most famous, who was the patron. And fourth, Pratasavickaja — no. Moreover, he is denied PAROLE. That is, the fact of the four, who just nahuliganil (and that is debatable), who stupidly misplaced the rhetoric of “snickering”, “territory lost”, “have disgraced the honor of the flag, sport, team” — that is, the fact that it does the same, but separately, probably nothing would have happened, except a fine in the case of the peak, — that it and will keep the longest. — posted by Utkin in his telegram channel.

In addition, the blogger urged journalists to monitor closely what is happening.

“Colleagues, we must not avoid this silence. It is a real mess. If Protasowicki to blame, then no more is released. He’s hardly in conclusion, defiantly urinated on the wall of the barracks or mother superiors, he is worthy of PAROLE, no less. Is bestiality. Protasowicki — freedom,” said Utkin.

In October 2018 the company of athletes near one of the capital’s clubs beat the driver leading the First channel of Vitaly Solovchuk, and then in the cafe – the head of the Department of industry and trade Denis Pack. Tried to reassure young people by the CEO of the US (developed by the presidential car Aurus) Sergey Gaisin also got hit in the face from Mamayev.

Presnensky court of Moscow in early may sent Alexander and Cyril Komarinyh, Mamaev and their friend Alexander Pratasavickaja to the colony for periods ranging from one year five months (Mamaev and Protasowicki) to one year and six months prison (brothers Kokorina). Alexis court of Belgorod region on September 6, granted the petition for parole Kokorin and Mamaev, the decision on PAROLE shall enter into force on 17 September.

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