Valery Rheingold: the Team lost because of cherchesova


Former striker of “Spartak” Valery Rheingold shared his impressions of the defeat of the Russian team from team Belgium (1:4) in the qualifying match of Euro 2020.


Looking at the team’s performance was disappointing. Indecent in his field to concede four goals and lose. The game lost to Stanislav Cherchesov. Not with the Belgians to play open football. He went crazy? Where are you going? We had to choose a different strategy. To play on defense. Could draw and play normally.

Belgium made the game in the first half, and that football is over. 3:0 and almost all goals were scored without resistance. The game was lost, Cherchesov. I had to play carefully, and not with drawn swords.

– And the General impression around the performance in qualifying?
– It is possible to congratulate with the release to the European championship. But I would like to last word us. Ugly game of the Russian team in the first half long forgotten. Where was Alexey miranchuk and vaunted Artem Dzyuba? That’s what the skill. If it is, no matter with whom to play. The Belgians “stripped” our entire team. And I want to ask, how many shots struck the film? Miranchuk why you matchmaker in “Juventus”? Perhaps this is a lesson that should be passed, and so – shame. We completely lost the first half and the second was not to go.

The Belgians in the second half came to defend their lead. They did. At the same time, I want to congratulate our team. Perhaps this lesson will be our players for the future at the European Championships.

– And something positive on this game?
– A little Wake up game Zelimkhan Bakaev. Praise him not because he is Spartacus. He landed a few strikes on goal. Was noticeable. Something started to happen. But again. Nothing to compare. The team of Belgium just stood up. It was clear that the Belgians will not play in the second half. They’ve had enough. In the second half, they completely gave the initiative, and with luck, we could have another goal to score. No more. And Bakaev team stirred up, but no more, because the game ended in the first half.

Only Belgium was a real contender for the Russian team? Scotland – no?
– No. The Scots themselves are in search of. We could play any tactical football. I would like to have our not only beat Scotland and Kazakhstan, but also played with Belgium. Nothing. Can’t. Trouble.

source: “Soviet sport”

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