Vasily Ladyuk: “the actions of the CSKA defense – aerobatics, which has not allowed “Spartaku” to realize their potential”


– You were at the stadium. How interesting it was to follow the game from the stands?

Although the audience was small, fan sector did not stop for a minute, so it truly seemed that the bowl is full. Not kidding. As a musician you have very good hearing, and it rarely fails me. As for the match itself, he got great pleasure from the games of CSKA. It was a sample team the past two years, which came in the Champions League, which beat real Madrid. On the field, we saw a cohesive team, not 10 players who kick the ball to each other. Watched a meeting in the company of brothers Berezutsky. We came to the conclusion that the line of defence and midfield interacted almost perfectly. There were no empty zones, the ball always was manned by three players – one were selected, two insured. Except for a few periods, the match against “Spartak” in the performance of CSKA Moscow show!

– On the TV to watch the game was boring…

– Looking to compare. If you appreciate football before the pandemic and after, it is clear that the teams are not in best training and game conditions. In principle, comparison of before and after – is not serious. But some segments of the meeting was explosive and spectacular. What can you say about the work of Vlasica? Been too boring for him to watch? Match in his performance – that was incredible! It again shows the football, for which it was acquired. Fedya Chalov has done a tremendous amount of work. Overall efficiency of all the players was high. It’s not just my thoughts. Everyone watched football, spoken about in the same spirit. In my opinion, if Maksimenko was not wrong after hitting Vlasica, we would still have a chance.

– While CSKA, like in the match with “Dinamo”, played from the back. It turns philosophy Sergey Ovchinnikov won?

– Can’t say anything about the return of Victor Gancharenko, because I do not know on what terms he will continue to work. You will stay in CSKA after the end of the season? The fact that the shear line of protection towards their goal – the decision Ovchinnikov, I have no doubt. Plus in the games against Dynamo and Spartak, we saw in the defense all the same person, in the same positions. In my opinion, the defense of CSKA in this match played a key role. The players in this format and at such tactics to feel confident. I wouldn’t say that “Spartak” played bad. The red and whites had the idea in the attack, they are not kicking the ball senselessly. Attitude and game plan was present. But the actions of the CSKA defense – aerobatics, which has not allowed “Spartaku” to realize their potential. The defense has connected all the attacking actions of the opponent to the delight of me.

– So who, in your opinion, leads CSKA?

– I would not like to say, that CSKA – the club Ovchinnikova or Gancharenko. I was educated in the choir school, where the team always puts in the first place. Collective psychology – the key to success in any business. I prefer to think that the team has been working on the bugs and managed their weaknesses to turn into strengths. The field was a single mechanism.

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– You support a more defensive style of football CSKA?

– Based on the realities of today, perhaps this is the only right way. Young people can be until you have the courage, the audacity, we have no top stars, which can determine the game. Of vlašić is also still young and not always stable. So soon the game defensively is the best option. Waiting in August the transfer of the bombs. Hope the new sponsor who seems to be willing to invest in the purchase of good players.

– Are not you afraid that you will compare with the “Ufa”?

– Before to Express their opinion, try to go on the field and play 90 minutes. For any win gives three points. How is it produced – the second question. You should always start from the capabilities of the club. If we are not prepared today to press a large force to attack, to act from a position of strength, so it is necessary to score points, starting from the defense and counterattacks.

– Tedesco believes that the key moment in the game – removal of Zobnina. Your opinion?

– A goal in gate “Spartaka”. After that, CSKA felt inner confidence. Remember, the end of the first half was entirely for us. When the vlašić scored, all in the box said about the same phrase: “Well, finally!” With players this goal took the shackles, liberated them. You guys lost the match against a superior us twice as Zenit goal against the red-whites returned to its former self. You can mark the save by Akinfeev after a shot Umarova. But to the good work of Igor we have become accustomed. It was clear that “Spartak” at the end of half satisfied with the pile, and maybe will create a dangerous moment.

– Zobnina had to be removed?

– Of course. Why is it necessary to forgive? Yes, there was a game collision with Oblakova, but why bring the elbow to the end?

CSKA have not won for seven months and six days. The victory over “Spartak” resets previous results?

– Ready to forgive the team everything up to this match. We must soberly assess the situation. First we have definitely not become likely until the second and third place also get. Spartak are now a direct rival for fifth position. Practically it was the Golden match in the fight for the European cups. As they say, let bygones, the past. Now we need to forget all old grudges between the coach, the team and the leadership and move on.

– Who is the best player of the match?

Of vlašić in recent meetings looked lost. May be, was not in uniform. The more significant its role in one of the key matches of the season resumed.

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