Venom brought the opponent to a cowardly surrender. The American didn’t even fall


Venom brought the opponent to a cowardly surrender. The American didn’t even fall

The Bellator 267 mixed martial arts tournament will be held at Wembley Arena on the night of October 1–2 in London. Its main event will feature the brightest and extravagant puncher Michael Venom Page , also known as the MVP, and the former welterweight league champion titlist Douglas Lima.

This fight carries several intrigues. First of all, we are talking about the history of the confrontation between the fighters. In May 2019, they met at a tournament in Illinois. Paige, being the favorite of the bout, traditionally behaved cheekily and boldly in the cage. In general, he took that fight, but in the second round, the Briton got too carried away with various tricks and was knocked out hard. After this, the question arises, will Michael allow himself tomfoolery in the second fight with Lima?

We believe that, rather, yes than no, because the MVP will lose himself if he suddenly abandons the usual manner of fighting. Moreover, she helps him to win. Yes, it is the behavior and manners that break the opponents in many ways. Paige is not only a tough puncher, but also a real psychologist who disarms opponents morally and steals their fighting spirit. So it was in the fight with David Rickels , which we will talk about.

The video is available on the BellatorMMA YouTube channel. Video rights reserved by Bellator.

The fight took place in May 2018. In a duel with the American, Venom came out with an ideal professional record (12-0), eight victories already fell on Bellator. As for Rickels, the ex-title contender went into the cage for a series of three wins and hoped that another success would bring him closer to the next title shot.

Rickels’ attitude was truly impressive. While the referee was giving instructions to the fighters before the fight, the American boldly expressed something in Michael’s face, apparently trying to exert psychological pressure on him. But, as they say, he attacked the wrong one. Page had no effect on Page. Then Rickels began to dance, apparently imitating his opponent, but this also did not affect the MVP. The first 1.5 minutes he was serious, maneuvering and studying his opponent. And then he began to literally break it. At first he had jabs, then he began to connect uppercuts and multi-hitting combinations. Everything went right on target, and perfectly accurate and heap. Rickels’ fuse is gone. At the end of the round, Paige knocked down his opponent, but after that he did not fly to the finishing move, but stood up, as if making it clear that he wanted to play with the victim again.

Within 23 seconds after the start of the second segment, Page delivered a powerful blow to the target from the right, which hit the eyebrow area. Rickels started bleeding and immediately capitulated. In fact, in this case, Michael brought the opponent to a cowardly surrender not only with his fighting qualities, but also with his ability to push morally. In the first round, he stole the opponent’s fortitude and made him lose faith in himself, and in the second he simply forced him to surrender, and this despite the fact that David remained on his feet, and history knows cases when fighters continued to fight with much tougher cuts.

Well, this is where all the splendor of the MVP lies, who knows how to crush opponents with just one look. Let’s see if Douglas Lima can withstand this hypnosis again.


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