Verbov: Zenit didn’t give up when you run out of power


© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song / Go to the image BankAlexey Verbov (Russia)Вербов: "Зенит" не опустили руки, когда закончились силы

Vadim Kuznetsov. Volleyball players “Zenith” showed character in the match of the championship of Russia with Dynamo Moscow, despite the fatigue, said the head coach of citizens of Kazan Alexey Verbov.

“Zenit” on Wednesday defeated Dinamo Kazan 3-1 and broke the winning streak of the Muscovites from five matches.

“Very pleased with the impact guys. Have you seen how many protections and insurance today, the team has performed. It says on the concentration and attention of children. You should give credit to the team. We had a tough flight, a difficult game from the point of view of emotions and results. The team gave 200 percent and today there were fears that emotionally can not stand. Due to the nature and will of the children were able to transcend themselves. Although it was not easy. I saw how the energy was over, but the guys didn’t give up,” – said Verbov reporters.

“Derogatory in the game, without them does not happen. This is due to fatigue including. View our schedule. We have so many games that there is no time even to drive the guys to the gym to prevention of the sores to make, not to mention some progress and development. We have 9 days four games, then tour with departures in Brazil, Turkey, Belgium, plus the Cup of Russia. I don’t remember such a busy schedule as a player. I feel bad for the guys. You need to take care of them so that they are not injured,” – said the coach of citizens of Kazan.

According to Werbowy, the leader of “Zenith” Maxim Mikhailov is not worried for errors that happen with him because of changing roles this season.

“Somehow, all worried about max. I’m not worried about him. In terms of the confidence he feels no worse than in the diagonal. This is a new experience for him, he accepted it with a challenge. And he had experienced more than now. It is our task now – another good outside hitter for Zenit and the national team needed. Tsvetan Sokolov is doing his job in the diagonal. No one will turn a hand into his side something to throw. The team is good, it wants to work. From game to game we add,” – said Verbov.

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