Virus Champions: points lost “Barcelona”, “Bayern”, “MS” and “Zenith”


Three draws and a defeat and just four goals scored four. When is it?


The match in St. Petersburg between “Zenith” from “Ahmad” from refereeing Alexei Matyunina has turned controversial, and ended in a draw. Thus, the blue-white-blue supported the trend set on Friday, “Bavaria”, according to which the Champions of last season definitely lose points.

Bayern has made only a draw in the match with “Gerta” (2:2), Manchester city – Tottenham Hotspur FC (2:2) and Barcelona without Messi lost in Bilbao (0:1). Moreover, only the Blaugrana played away. For them, as for the Bavarians, it was the first matches in the national championship.

Goals: Lewandowski, 24 – 1:0. Lakebay, 36 – 1:1. Gruich, 38 is 1:2. Lewandowski, 60 – penalty – 2:2.

Вирус чемпионов: очки потеряли «Барселона», «Бавария», «МС» и «Зенит»

The owners had expected big territorial advantage, caused almost three times more shots on goal (17-6), most of which (71%) from outside the penalty area, took the lead and still were content with a draw. Key were two minutes in the first half.

In the first case, the Berliners got lucky. Dodi Lakebay has caused the most dangerous long-range shot on goal Manuel Neuer, but suddenly hit the back of his own partner Vedado Ibishevich. Ricochet disoriented the goalkeeper. He didn’t even have time to react to it and immediately raised his hand, appealing to the referee. It is not clear that it is not satisfied with the goalkeeper in this episode.

Two minutes later the same ibišević famously threw the ball behind the Central defenders. Niklas Sule and Benjamin Pavard did not have time for Marco Graichen. He went one on one with Neuer, beat the Keeper and sent the ball into the empty net. In fairness, we note that a second before the Frenchman received a facial injury during the confrontation with Graichen and was not able to even pursue.

After a break “Bavaria” with double force pinned opponent from the penalty spot and equalized. Gruich in nonfiction episode hands grabbed Lewandowski, a pole himself and went to beat with 11-meter mark. The Munich side have half an hour left to snatch the victory, but their chances they failed to convert and allowed the “Hertha” to a point with the “Allianz Arena”.

Goal: Aduriz, 89.

For the first time in 10 years, the Catalans started the example without their leader Messi. The last time this happened in 2009, still under the guidance of Josep Guardiola.

Without the great Argentine Barcelona are showed weak football, and nothing but possessions, not surpassed Basque. Nondescript match held all the attacking trio of Antoine griezmann – Luis Suarez – Ousmane Dembele. However, the main problems and visitors found in the middle line, which had a lot of possession, but weakly brought it forward. As a result, the capabilities of the attackers were not so much.

Вирус чемпионов: очки потеряли «Барселона», «Бавария», «МС» и «Зенит»

Best missed the point Suarez which is one-on-one sloppy pass led Unai Lopez. The Uruguayan from a good position hit the post and immediately asked for a replacement for health. In another episode, the goalkeeper Unai Simon moved the ball to the crossbar after a great shot of Rafinha in the far “nine”.

And all of the owners are looked, are motivated, faster, sharper and more and a minute before the end of regular time the match was struck after Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. And how! Goal scissors through itself in a fall scored by substitute 38-year-old veteran Aritz Aduriz. In the locker room partners welcomed the striker with a standing ovation, which he undoubtedly deserved.

Removal: Utsiev, 7.

Taking into account stoppage time Petrograders almost 90 minutes spent in most. And this despite the fact that the removal of Rizvan Utsiev still a matter of controversy. Even on the replays it’s difficult to see whether the hook side of the defender and whether it can be interpreted as a foul of last hope. Also, in that episode emiliano Rigoni managed to hit the visitors ‘ goal, but the referee Matyunin goal cancelled and limited removal.

Вирус чемпионов: очки потеряли «Барселона», «Бавария», «МС» и «Зенит»

In the 52nd Rigoni scored again, and again, the referee canceled a goal. This time due to a controversial offside. It is not surprising that the match ended in a brawl and abuse by Sergei Semak in the address of the referees. 43-year-old called the referees “goats”. On the one hand, it can be understood, after all, worked judges are very bad, but they were wrong in both directions. However, the tie points of no return.

Goals: Sterling 20 – 1:0. Lamela, 23 – 1:1. Aguero, 35 – 2:1. Moura, 56 – 2:2.

The rival of the bulls, of course, was very serious – after all, the finalist of the Champions League. Yes, the same man who knocked city out of the tournament. However, they had every reason to expect to win. Only one statistics of shots on goal (24-3) said about this match more than any words.

Guests only twice hit the target and managed to score two goals, taking it out twice on a meeting course. In the first half, Erik Lamela from afar struck the dreamer on the goal line from Ederson, and after the break just substitute Lucas Moura his first touch was locked filing Lamely from the corner flag.

Вирус чемпионов: очки потеряли «Барселона», «Бавария», «МС» и «Зенит»

Despite all the efforts issued a great match Hugo Loris in stoppage time the players of “city” has managed to break it again. Gabriel BOM Jesus even had to dance a victory dance in front of the fan tribune, however this goal was disallowed after viewing VAR. Dispassionate arbitrators of the screen spotted in that episode touch the ball with his hand in the performance of Emeric Laporte.

It’s amazing how VAR twice within a few months, played for Tottenham in the end of matches against city. Thus, interrupted a record series Oleksandr Zinchenko, who won with his club in the Premier League in 23 matches in a row.

source: “Soviet sport”

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