Vladimir Krikunov: “I wish Dynamo more people ill, to have antibodies”


The head coach of the Moscow “Dynamo” Vladimir Krikunov commented on the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in clubs KHL.

— It is difficult to say how will be the season. Better positions will be those clubs where the players already infected with a coronavirus at the beginning of the preparatory period. I think that it would be better even now we have more people ill, so they had antibodies. In the future, expect the emergence of vaccines and should be easier, ─ said Krikunov in an interview with the club’s YouTube channel, “Dynamo”.

Recall, in season 2019/20 “Dynamo” took the 4th place in the Western conference in the first round of the Gagarin Cup was “Spartacus”, but then the season was completed ahead of schedule due to pandemic coronavirus.

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