Volleyball Moscow “Dynamo” sacrifice the game in Chelyabinsk for the sake of evrokompani


Only one round of the championship of Russia on volleyball left to play women’s teams before the New year. But ladies that does not help: in front of the main matches in the national Cup starts on the main stage of the Champions League and the super League game will be released before the country was done on Christmas vacation. As for the outcome 1 lap, then surprises at the top of the table is not observed.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Again, the first three of leaders has the same name – “the Dynamo”. But if last season the leaders were in Moscow, now 4 points ahead off 5-time Russian Champions from Kazan, who gave sworn rivals for the title of 2016. The club suffered only one defeat, and that could take away from Krasnodar one point for the tie-break. The local “Dynamo” and then the game denies rumors of financial difficulty. Last season the team took the Cup this season South of the origina methodically beat all lower. Demonstrates fun volleyball “Uralochka-NTMK” legendary Nikolai Karpol. In the offseason, Ekaterinburg has lost two key players, but the youth acts quite aggressively and on guest sites.

The opening of the first half of the tournament was the Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei”, which joins the elite women’s volleyball a year ago. Home team always takes points and 18 Dec power Siberians will experience Kazan Rishat gilyazutdinov’s. Well and closes the top six near Moscow “Zareche-Odintsovo” in which Vadim Pankov relies on young pupils.

Sensation 9-th round occurred in Chelyabinsk, where recent underdog METAR is not overawed by the Champions of Russia and won a landslide victory. The staff of Yuri Panchenko gave the leaders a breather in light of the start of next week the main stage of the Champions League, although went to the site Yana Shcherban and Yulia Morozova. With the player number in the end was a nuisance: the pad she left on a stretcher after a seemingly normal episode. Primary diagnosis – dislocated ankle, but the forecasts so far. But the Ural team, who won in the 8th round of Sakhalin, just soared, particularly stood out from the rest of the Natalia Frolova. In the end a deserved 3:1 in favor of the hosts, and Muscovite is seriously complicated a internal task.

Interestingly, in addition to the Swiss “Volero” and Romanian “Alba” capital of the origina was in ligachampion subgroup with Dinamo Krasnodar. Because of the change in format (European leaders are beginning a campaign in December, and clubs below have the group stage to qualify in the fall) team Konstantin Ushakov has experienced much higher load. We will remind, at meeting in Krasnodar Natalia Goncharova and her partner beat the hosts without conceding a goal.


Report-election conference was held in the all-Russian volleyball Federation. Re-elected President Stanislav Shevchenko, who initially was the only candidate for the post. Shevchenko headed the Federation since 2010.

For the position of General Secretary elected Alexander Yaremenko, Vice-presidents became Nikolai Karpol, Gennady Shipulin and Andrey Gorbenko. Elected head of the IEF said that the head coaches of men’s and women’s teams of Russia will be assigned in January 2017.

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