Volleyball player of Zenit Kazan have recovered from coronavirus


The outside hitter of Zenit Kazan Erwin Ngepet discharged from hospital for infectious diseases after being hospitalized with coronavirus. This was announced by Vice Prime Minister of Tatarstan, head of the Republican headquarters, to combat the spread of coronavirus of Leila Fazleeva.

The player of the team “Zenit”, which talked a lot about the fact that he supposedly has infected the entire team, that he is somewhere not in compliance mode, it perfectly comply with the regime… he was discharged, he feels good, said Fazleeva.

The Frenchman was the first who found the coronavirus in the territory of Tatarstan. Just at the moment in the Republic recorded 10 cases of infection with coronavirus, are all imported. It is noted that the disease they have been mild.

In particular from March 21, the decree of the President of Tatarstan instituted a temporary ban on hookah Smoking, as well as on the sports, entertainment, public and other events of 20 people or more, from March 26 suspended the activities of sports centres, swimming pools, fitness centers, movie theaters (cinemas), Nightclubs (discos), children’s play rooms, children’s entertainment centers and other entertainment organizations.

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