Wanda Nara accused Icardi of treason. What will happen to the PSG forward’s career now?


Wanda Nara accused Icardi of treason. What will happen to the PSG forward’s career now?

PSG is a treasure trove of news stories after the summer transfer window. A new problem was added to Mbappe’s possible departure , his conflict with Neymar , Pochettino’s precarious position and Messi’s dull play – the family difficulties of Icardi .

Update: late Sunday night, Icardi posted several joint photos with Wanda and a heart emoji. It looks like the couple has already made up. But it is not exactly.

Mauro Icardi broke up with Wanda Nara

Yesterday, on her Instagram, Wanda Nara , wife and agent of Mauro Icardi, announced her husband’s infidelity, deleted joint photos and unsubscribed from his account. “You killed another family for the [prostitute],” Wanda wrote in Stories. Later, the Argentine journalist Ker Weinstein received confirmation from Nara about the separation of the couple.

As it became known later, Icardi cheated on his wife with Argentine actress and model Tea Suarez. Wanda was subscribed to China on the social network, but unsubscribed from the girl when she found out about Mauro’s betrayal.

8 years of relationship

Wanda and Mauro’s relationship began in 2013. A year later, the couple got married, after which they had two daughters. Before the relationship with Icardi, the woman was married to his friend, the former midfielder of FC “Moscow” and “Barcelona” Maxi Lopez, from whom she has three sons. In 2015, the PSG striker made an important career decision, firing an agent with whom he worked for 10 years. Instead, Icardi appointed a wife as his representative. She was involved in the transfer and the footballer’s contract.

After a harsh statement, Wanda flew to Milan with her children. The decision of his wife also affected the footballer – Icardi missed PSG’s training.

How Icardi’s career will develop

In the last round of the French Championship, Mauro played against Angers and earned a penalty. At the start of this season, the Argentine has scored three goals in nine Ligue 1 games and also played against Club Brugge in the Champions League. On Tuesday PSG will meet Leipzig in the Champions League, and there is a possibility that this meeting will take place without Icardi’s participation.

In 2020, it was thanks to Wanda that the footballer signed a four-year contract with PSG, the transfer cost was € 50 million. Given the long-term agreement with the Parisians, the player’s betrayal should not affect Icardi’s relationship with the club. However, if Mauro has a new agent, then his stay at PSG may not be as long. The Daily Mail, citing CalcioMercato, writes that Newcastle has entered the race for the striker, who is deprived of playing time in Paris.

Several years ago, the footballer reacted sharply to criticism of Nara’s work. “Wanda will be my agent until the end of her career. I am glad and proud of the results that we have achieved in our joint work, but no one has contacted me about changing an agent. I am sorry that Gazzetta dello Sport is printing such nonsense. ” Will Icardi follow his words after what happened?


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