Watching Spartak’s matches – how to chew boiled and unsalted meat. Boring and no taste


Watching Spartak’s matches – how to chew boiled and unsalted meat. Boring and no taste

I am not a fan or a hater, it just so happened that I watched all Spartak’s matches this season. Unfortunately.

Five matches of unbearable boredom. No emotion, except despondency. Everything is so inconspicuous and impersonal – like chewing boiled and unsalted meat. Or sit at a monotonous lecture at the university.

It is clear that in the championship we also had no luck. With Rubin and Nizhniy Novgorod, Spartak didn’t have a lot, implementation let down. But all the same: two goals in three matches against non-top teams is very gloomy.

From the return game with Benfica I expected emotions, at least some kind of drive. There is nothing to lose, 0: 2 in the first match, you definitely need to score. Yeah. A game of six defenders. Zero moments. No energy in the players – even after a conceded goal.

You can find an excuse: Vitoria is a new member of the team, the game is just being adjusted. OK. But the fact that the players look amorphous, that they have no gambling anger – did Vitoria run out of time too? The coach has just arrived – usually it gives an impulse, emotionally charges the team. And now it seems that Vitoria has been working for Spartak for a long time – and everyone is already tired. As was the case with Kononov in recent months.

Of course, it can still change. Vitoria is definitely not a weak coach and he is just getting started. Plus, the toxic environment around the club interferes. Either they don’t play, or they play badly important players – Promes and Moses.

But now Spartak looks broken. Vitoria has not yet found an approach to the team – primarily an emotional one. Which has always been important for Spartak. And in a spectator’s way it is sad to watch. The feeling of a cloudy day, when you don’t want anything from the very morning.

But behind the football field it was super fun. This can be shown to friends who are not interested in football, and to a girl. But if you invite these friends with a girl to watch the match of “Spartak”, it will be very embarrassing, as if the child had turned on Tarkovsky’s film. The spectator – and the football one too – wants emotions from watching. Routines with longing for him and in life are enough.

Wake up, Spartak, wake up.


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