“Went to the legendary coach.” Kirilenko expressed his condolences to the family of Jerry Sloan


The President of RBF, ex-player “Utah the jazz” Andrey Kirilenko reacted to the death of former coach of the team from salt lake city Jerry Sloan.

Member of the basketball Hall of fame died on the 79 th year of life.

— Left the legendary coach. With him and I, and all of “Utah” played disciplined, aggressive, modern basketball. Our team worked like a machine. Yes, of course, Jerry was very strict coach, old school. But as for the basketball component — it was a brilliant specialist, knew very well the game. Huge merit in how there was the beginning of my career in the NBA belongs to him. To teach a boy who is 20 years old came from Russia, so that in a few years he played in the all-star game NBA — it’s worth it, — said Kirilenko.

— Last years have been difficult for Jerry. It was seen as difficult for him to move and speak. Still, Parkinson’s disease, dementia is a very serious and age old. In any case, this is very sad news. I Express my condolences to the wife of coach Tammy, the whole family Sloan. Will remember Jerry as a great coach, trained a generation of NBA players.

We add that under the guidance of Jerry Sloan, Kirilenko spent in “Utah the jazz” for 10 seasons.

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