“We’ve been swallowing shit and I got zero protection from the club.” Conte has criticized the management of inter


Head coach of “inter” Antonio Conte summed up the team’s performance in the current season of Serie A. the Specialist was unhappy with the way the club defended the interests of the team.

— It was a tough year on a personal level, very heavy. I don’t think the players saw that their work was recognized, I don’t think that my work was recognized, and we all got very little protection from the club.

Must grow and improve in all areas, including outside the field, and a big club needs to protect his players more. We will discuss all this at the end of the season, I have to meet with the President, he is now in China.

We ate shit for months and got zero protection. My problem is that I have my own opinion, I see the path we should go, and I know what we need to do. The other day I saw an interview that Luciano Spalletti gave inter in 2017. We are now in 2020, and nothing has changed.

I can be a lightning rod first, but if you don’t learn and continue to repeat the same mistakes, it’s just crazy. I want to be absolutely clear that not talking about the transfer market or players. said Conte.

“Inter” whined the second place in the Italian League with a lag of one point from Juventus.

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