What did Ronaldo’s first month remember after returning to Manchester United?


What did Ronaldo’s first month remember after returning to Manchester United?

“I came back because I really missed Manchester United. In this club, I wrote a story. Now I want to do it again. This is my house. I want to thank the fans not only from myself, but from the whole team. Your support will play a very important role, especially this season. I am writing a new chapter. “

A little over a month has passed since Ronaldo’s return . Time to take stock of this stage of Cristiano’s career.

What was on the field and the facts around his game

Nuclear submarine:

  • 4 matches, 303 minutes on the field: 3 goals and 0 assists.
  • The main moments with the participation of Cristiano in the Premier League matches – in one video:
  • Ronaldo finished third on Manchester United’s oldest Premier League goalscorers list.
  • He became the best footballer of Manchester United in September. He is currently the club’s third scorer with three goals.

Champions League:

  • Goal against Young Boys.
  • Goal against Villarreal.
  • Repeated and broke Iker Casillas’ record for the most UEFA Champions League appearances. At the time of this writing, he has 178 games in the tournament.
  • Ronaldo scored in his 16th consecutive Champions League season. Only Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema could do that.
  • Scored the 136th goal in the Champions League.

What stories are connected with Ronaldo after returning to Manchester United

Immediately after the transfer of Ronaldo to Manchester United, the English media began to follow him. The first story was written by the Daily Mail journalists: Ronaldo allegedly moved from Cheshire to a mansion with a huge garage for his car park, to be away from the bleating sheep that grazed near his house. However, later this was denied by representatives of Ronaldo.

But what is certain is that Ronaldo hired an armed guard for himself. One squad rides with him in bulletproof vehicles. The other monitors his house around the clock. By the way, his home is equipped with dozens of video cameras and a whole armored room in which Ronaldo can hide with his family when attacking a house.

By the way, recently we figured out what Ronaldo drives.

Another story – during the warm-up before the match with the Young Boys, Ronaldo shot wide of the gate and hit the female steward. She fell after being hit – Ronaldo immediately ran up to inquire about her health, and after the game gave her a T-shirt.

The woman just said, “Am I dead?”

Do you like the UFC and football? Then this topic is definitely for you: for the last match of Manchester United before the break, Khabib came to the national teams. He was photographed with such a T-shirt.

Khabib is known for his friendship with Cristiano (he said that he had learned in advance about Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United from himself, etc.). This time, he took a picture with Pogba and chatted with Ferguson.

As far as Ronaldo’s influence on Manchester United is concerned, it happened not only in terms of the game. Firstly, he does not eat sweets – because of this, other Manchester United players refuse him. Secondly, Cristiano acts as an advisor – he discusses free throws with Sancho, young players train with great desire. Thirdly, perhaps because of the appearance of Ronaldo, Paul Pogba also got ready – he no longer thinks about leaving, but focuses on Manchester United.


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