What else to see, yet sports the best “documentaries” about Formula 1


“The life of speed: the story of Juan-Manuel Fangio” (2020)

Fresh new from Netflix — a film about the legendary champion, whose record (five titles in Formula 1) 46 years remained unbroken (then came Michael Schumacher). In parallel, the authors immerse the viewer in the context of racing in those years, when I wasn’t supposed to be any measures of protection of the pilot, and they often have lost friends.

Drive to Survive (2019-2020)

Chronicle behind the scenes of Formula 1 — the second season of Drive to Survive from the already mentioned straingage service. Continuation of the first part as a whole meet the expectations of the paddock, from critics and audiences, although certain shortcomings have not been eliminated. Authors are in any case not hide the fact that only at the beginning of my understanding of the “Big prizes”. This, however, is enough when you realize that the season is 2019 a few months will be the last.

“Ferrari: the race for immortality” (2017)

This project, like the film on Fangio, tells the story of 50 years, but the example of the legendary Enzo Ferrari and his team. The “Ferrari” was how incredible highs and painful tragedies, but each of these episodes will remain forever in the memory of fans.

“Williams” (2017)

British film about one of the main teams in the country and the canonical history of success in Formula 1. The team, created by the efforts of several people from a small garage came to victory in the Grand Prix, the championship and the Cup of designers. First and foremost, the authors tell about the fate of Frank Williams, 44 years old trapped in a wheelchair. Iron Frank, however, had quit her life and continued to win.

McLaren (2017)

Another “documentary” about the legend of yesteryear — Bruce McLaren, the founder of the eponymous team and brand of sports cars. McLaren was not only a gifted rider but also an outstanding engineer whose cars shone on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Hunt vs Lauda. Great rivals” (2013)

The film is from the British BBC, which was released shortly before the art “Race”, where even the most likely, but with a share of exaggerations and speculation told the story of the season 1976. In the UK I decided to add a picture documentary version of how it really is.

“1” (2013)

Pretty underrated movie of the Englishman Paul Crowder — in the past the musician, he participated in creating the acclaimed film “Sound city” about the Studio in which he recorded the main stars of rock music. “1” tells the history of Formula 1 and what way and at what cost these contests were held in order to now become one of the most secure types on the planet. And at the same time, the case of Jules Bianchi, reminiscent of the creators, shows that efforts are never enough. VoiceOver — Michael Fassbender.

“Weekend of a champion” (1972/2013)

Kinoexpert Roman Polanski, a close friend of Jackie Stewart. For the filming of Polanski invited the operator of Frank Simon — and together they went with Stewart at the Monaco Grand Prix of 1971. The film was first shown at the Berlin film festival next year, but wider fame came to him after remastering in 2013. the Tape is a series of interviews with the pilot and allows you to better understand what you think of the racers of those years.

“When playboys run” (2010)

An unexpected film from the British ITV about the lives of James hunt and his mate Barry sheen, the legendary motorcycle racer, which is also not always led an exemplary life. The film is a bit nostalgic for the days when you had little more than now.

“Senna” (2010)

Tape Asif of Kapadia, say critics, restarted the genre of documentary films about Formula 1 and enjoys considerable popularity, two BAFTA awards and the award for “Sundance”, the main independent film festival in the world. In content part you can claim: not all parties are equally given the opportunity to speak, but the film already is more than two and a half hours. In any case, it is the success of “Senna” determined the style of Drive to Survive — for both projects, by the way, had a hand in James Gay-Fig. On account of the producer also “Exit through the gift shop” about street art, movies about Amy Winehouse and Diego Maradona.

“Ayrton Senna: racing is in my blood” (1992)

If “Senna” is small, it makes sense to pay attention to the film, 1992, in which the Brazilian pilot recounts the 1991 season. Before the film Kapadia it was the deepest insight into the thinking of a Magician.

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