What happens when an average club come crazy money? Chaos begins


Berlin “Hertha” — the main newsmaker of the Bundesliga in recent months. With the arrival of club Lars Windhorst, the investor with a mixed reputation, in the main club of the capital began a roller coaster. First coaching position was discharged Jurgen Klinsmann — it became immediately clear that this is a fashion contract under Klinsi could go expensive players. The second step is the rumors that “Hertha” bought up half of Europe and the partial implementation of these plans: to provide that the club takes the striker from AC Milan five years ago it was impossible even delirium.

On the field “Gert” scatters stronger and stronger after leaving his post as head coach firing of Dargai. Have grown up within the club system Ante Covic failed, Klinsmann is also not attracted in the end the German star from California, zabivali in the States his law license, resigned. And announced her maximum American way — through a post on Facebook. And when the club announced the decision Klinsmann instagram, the message is liked, for example, ondřej Duda — his Klinsi actually squeezed out of the lineup, forcing him to go on loan to Norwich. All this makes the club every day to turn on the head.

Today’s press conference with participation of the management of the club and Windhorst raised even more dust. First, Windhorst said that in business, though, and football, such things, like Klinsmann, not made — “it could make a teenager but not an adult”. Second, Windhorst said that does not rule out Klinsmann return to the club in the future, but just a few minutes briefing the President “Hertha” Werner Gegenbauer contrary investor: “the Road back for Klinsmann not.” Thirdly, the Manager of the “old ladies” Michael Preetzseems to be the only who kept the wisdom in this story, and he recalls: “We cannot forget that we are in a fight for survival” (Preetz knows what he’s talking about: when the club repeatedly went to the second Bundesliga). But after a couple of minutes and Windhorst already hovering in the clouds and says that there is no reasons why the team from the capital of Germany may not be among the top clubs of Europe.

And so all 47 minute press conference.

The problem faced by “Gert”, is associated with money, idealism, but a complete lack of understanding of football processes from the investor. Windhorst, though, and says that is willing to invest in the club for longer than five to ten years, doing everything to achieve a result as quickly as possible — but it never happens. In this context a completely wrong comparison “Hertha” with “Leipzig”, which is quite recent and in Russian texts. Rbl led by the sage Ralph Rangnick started to build a club from the bottom, investing a lot of money in the Academy and youth development Department. Moreover, still for “Leipzig” are impossible transfers more than 30 million euros, and even close to this level club gets rarely.

“Hertha” did it twice just for this winter. In addition to the 27 million Krzysztof Pentek club has thrown out 25 million euros for the captain of the youth national team of France Luke of Tuzara, which will move from Lyon in the summer, and it’s not clear, in what League — from the last “old lady” separated by only seven points. Windhorst decided that the most aggressive spending can quickly bring the club closer to the Champions League, but they brought “Gerta” only to financial disaster in the case that the departure will happen. Moreover, even called in the press the main candidate Klinsmann indirectly suggests that no strategic planning for the new project. Bruno Labbadia — an expert on survival in the Bundesliga, but the team level of the Champions League with him just do not to build.

And Niko Kovac, people with the Berlin in the past and a great love of “Hertha”, the club denied — and hardly just because he decided to relax longer after the resignation of Bayern. In the “Gert” to go as it is dangerous: expectations are too high, financial investment and the balance of the composition and the overall club plan is too chaotic. Before actually butt match in the fight for a place in the League with the “Paderborn” the team not only remains without a head coach, but in General hovering between heaven and earth.

Legendary for “Hertha” PAL of Dargai, asked autumn to the question about the ambitions of Windhorst reminded that there were times when the money didn’t lead to anything good. It seems that now in the capital of Berlin is implemented exactly such a scenario.

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