“What he did is almost a crime.” McDavid’s super goal rocked the hockey world again


“What he did is almost a crime.” McDavid’s super goal rocked the hockey world again

Before playing the Jets, Connor McDavid was in the spotlight – and thanks to newly minted ESPN expert John Tortorella. He decided to answer the thesis, which is often put forward by fans of “Edmonton” and some journalists – in the playoffs on Connor whistle too little and give freedom to the opponent’s defenders to foul on him, hiding behind the fact that “this is the playoffs.”

Torts, who has become as much of a tongue-in-cheek TV personality as he was a coach, replied, “Just shut up and don’t talk about it! He talked about culture, about victories … But in the playoffs you can’t just score more opponents, you have to play on the other side of the puck as well. No matter how they beat you, you shouldn’t care. Don’t talk about it, just play, fight. ”

When McDavid was asked what he thought about it, he ironically replied, “I think I should just shut up and not talk about it.” Although, even in the regular season, Edmonton’s rivals are removed suspiciously little – only 7 penalty minutes per game, this is the third place in the league from the bottom. But it is the Oilers at the start of the season that have a historically good majority with 42% sales (prior to today’s game).

And the opponent got caught – it’s better not to come up with it in order to show strength. “Winnipeg” stopped McDavid and his company in the spring, literally two days ago they did not let them do anything in equal compositions (although they conceded two goals in the minority already with the score 4: 0). It was an away game – and today the opponents played in Edmonton.

This goal is even more difficult than the one scored by the Rangers – when watching it it was difficult to get rid of the feeling that the opponents were simply hit by McDavid’s hands and were standing. Here Connor cleared his opponents with feints at the highest speed – and everyone again fell on their faces before the king of the league.

Of course, the super goal of the captain of Edmonton shook the hockey world again, which rushed to the social network to admire the 24-year-old Canadian. Ryan Whitney, author of the most daring hockey podcast, responded equally boldly to Tortorella’s words after today’s masterpiece: “If you think McDavid should change his game, then you are crazy. This guy is the greatest hockey player of all time. And someone wants him to change the game? What are you talking about? ”

The Hockey News magazine said of McDavid’s creation, “What he did was almost a crime.”

Among the admiration of the same type, the joke of the hockey author of The Athletic Peter Boe stands out: “Everyone says that McDavid is gaining 1.87 points per game, but in the NBA with this indicator he would have taken only 273rd place between Sterling Brown and Payton Pritchard. I’m not impressed. ”

This is the 16th match in a row in which McDavid is gaining points. In the game against Chicago, he can repeat the achievements of Henrik Zetterberg from 2007 and Dave Andrejchak from 1992. But to enter the top 3, you will have to try hard.

This was not the last McDavid-related event. Forty seconds before the siren, he fouled Mark Scheifly, and Edmonton fought back in the minority for four minutes. Connor’s partners did it successfully, and in the shootout he made his attempt.


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