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In training camp NHL teams, but half a dozen top players aged 21 to 23 years, including 22-year-old Ivan Provorov, still not signed. News SMI2

The problem is that these players ended the rookie contract, but because they do not have the right to submit to arbitration. In the end the parties can not agree on money. Disputes may be delayed until the December 1 deadline for new contracts.

In September, the market is restricted free agent finally came to life. Still, neither the teams, nor, of course, the players themselves do not want to miss training camp, thereby crumple the preparation for the championship.

First come to consensus with the “St Louis” the Day of knowledge Ivan barbashev. However, a two-year contract for 1,475 million a year the main unsung hero of Champions of the NHL looks clearly undervalued. Another thing, the Russians were in a position where because of the salary cap, which was pressed against the Blues, someone had to give. In the end, the leader in security techniques gold playoffs while already in the 18th position for annual salary among restricted free agents without recourse to arbitration. There is no doubt that Dynamo will drop out of the top 20 or even top 25. But that is the choice of frontline and agent Dan Milstein, who, he said, relies not on short-term benefits, and maximum income for the entire career of the client.

The second extended his contract this month also the Russians and also with a discount: September 4, 23-year-old left edge Nikolay Goldobin agreed to stay in “Vancouver” for another season for more than a modest 900 thousand dollars. Although, looking ahead, I note that his contemporary and colleague role Brendan Lemieux, son of four-time Stanley Cup winner, September 12, knocked out “the Rangers” fairly spent on by Artemiy Panarin and Jacob’s Pipe, only 25 thousand more.

But “Arizona”, in which players whip not pound, with the price stood. On the same day, September 4, strapped to his possible 8 years, 21-year-old forward Clayton Keller luxury with an annual fee of 7.15 million dollars. American, scored in 82 games last championship measly 47 (14+33) points in a terrible negative utility “minus 21”, salary broke into the top 50 of all NHL. However, this contract will take effect next season and will last until 2028. Who knows what the amount will be spinning in the NHL? “Arizona” strongly risked, but another option she has in fact not.

Excessive and poorly failed season “Los Angeles”. No reason was discharged September 4, nondescript 22-year-old Swedish center Adrian Kempe 6 million over three years – and it’s for 12 goals and 16 assists in the usefulness of the “minus 10” in 81 matches of the championship 2019?!

Then the market calmed down. Sides seem to have retired to deliberate – and this Monday it did. A leading defender of “Columbus” 21-year-old Zach Verinsky asked the guide the rest of still unsigned restricted free agents. Agreed with the “Jackets” not exorbitant 15 million over three years. The next day, “new Jersey” deprived “vanguard” hope so, we need a centre forward from the Czech Republic Pavel Zaha will earn in “devils” at 2.25 million dollars per season for three years. Well, on Wednesday postponed the homecoming levelingbuy Kevin Fiala. The contract with “Minnesota” 23-year-old Swiss-middle peasants 6 million in two years – especially offensive looks for his age, Ivan Barbashev.

What’s next? On the banks of the still young cream – Mitch Marner (Toronto) and Bryden point (“Tampa”), Mikko Rantanen (“Colorado”) and Matthew Tkachuk (“calgary”), Patrick Laine and Kyle Connor (both “Winnipeg”), Brock Boser (“Vancouver”) and Travis Konecny (Philadelphia), Charlie McAvoy (“Boston”) and Ivan Provorov (“Philadelphia”).

The contact information of clubs and players is almost there. All the news and wishlist solely on the level of rumors. It is reported that after Verinsky signed a short contract, about the same want and Provorov, who first claimed the 6-year contract. It is emphasized that the amount of the defender of “Columbus” at 5 million a year the Russians will not be satisfied under any circumstances. Previously leaked insider that Yaroslavets when long the agreement is 8 years, expects 10 million per season.

Cleared up, and he wants the best scorer of “Toronto” in the last regular season 22-year-old Marner – 94 (26+68) points. It is alleged that the canadian rejected the proposal of “leafs” – 77 million for seven years. It is this Treaty signed by Toronto July 1, 2018 28-year-old John TawaraC. However, Mitch, apparently, more warm numbers 21-year-old teammate of Oston Matthews – 11,643 million a year. Such money under the ceiling at the canadian club just yet. Because Marner ready to contract bridge – 30 million over three years. But here against Toronto. It seems like a year ago in the case of a Nylander, the parties have painted themselves into a dead end. Then the Swede was signed only on the box on 1 December, but because of rastrineobola Scandinavian not issued and 70 percent of capacity.

As for other players – even silence. Unless Rantanen gave a brief interview to the Finnish newspaper:

– I’m waiting. I need to remain calm. No reason for panic. Ready for what will stay at home longer than usual. No graphics no, I have nothing to say about the state of negotiations. For four years I flew to North America in late August. All the players were engaged in Turku, had already left, but I don’t. It’s a weird feeling. However, many restricted free agents in a similar situation. Including Patrick Lyne. So I would be much more worried if I was the only one.

Yeah, the company have Rantanen provorova, occasionally strident, and came of a noble…

Когда на кону миллионы долларов…

source: “Soviet sport”

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