When Golovin will raise the Monaco, and will play Cheryshev against Barcelona?


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Despite the fact that Barcelona has a limp at the start of the season because of an injury to Lionel Messi, and the club is broadcasting to the world that no tension within the team there, “Valencia” Denis Cheryshev is preparing for the feat at the camp Nou. In the last round the team won the first victory of the season, though he failed to score. And the national team of Russia, not too bright playing for the national team, played only 17 minutes. When you consider that so far this is the best result for Denis, it is impossible not to recognize the obvious deficiency of playing time, the Russian midfielder and out on the field in the starting lineup against Barcelona is unlikely. But we believe.

4th round
14 Sep
“Barcelona” – “Valencia” (Match TV) 22:00 GMT

If the world is bottom the bottom the bottom of hell, that is, of course, the steel, the tread “Monaco” in the championship of France. The team of Leonardo Jardim started horribly, but you have nothing to sorrow the distinguished Portuguese, we care about Alexander Golovin, who from the second round, is on the field from start to finish, but was noted by only yellow card.

In the last match of national team against Kazakhstan, the role of Golovin was huge. It assist managed to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal, but looking at Alexander somehow can’t shake the feeling of sadness and anxiety.

5th round
15 Sep
Monaco – Marseille (Match TV) 22:00 GMT

Jurgen Klopp and his friends at the start of the season is merciless. On the one hand it is obvious that Newcastle is not the most suitable option in order to trim the leader, but let’s not forget one simple thing: is English football in which everyone can do everything.

Manchester city goes to travel to humiliate Norwich, who took hard the loss to Chelsea two rounds ago. “Manchester United” can’t win three games in a row, and to visit the team OLE Gunnar sulsher will be angry Leicester, who won the last two games and bravely climbed to third place in the standings.

5th round
14 Sep
“Liverpool” – “Newcastle” (Okko) 14:30 GMT

In the last round in the terrible battle for the Match, TV box won the football. And for this reason the audience of the Federal channel has not seen a great batch in the second half of the confrontation of Juventus and Napoli, culminating in a fatal and irreversible Coulibaly. And so I wanted to see! Because very soon “the locomotive” in the Champions League to play against Juventus.

In the next round will be a terrible match between Torino and Lecce – we will not speak, but “Juventus” and “inter” will have to sweat in a hot battle with “Fiorentina and Udinese respectively. All of this suggests that the top three in Serie A at the end of the round with a high probability will remain unchanged.

3rd round
14 Sep
Inter – Udinese (Football Match) 21:45 GMT

When you look at the standings of the championship of Germany and do not see in the first place Bayern is always a hard stress and tension. But very often one way or another everything falls into place. Now is not the time. In the next round of the Bundesliga, the Russian fans in General and fans of “Zenith” in particular, it will be a great opportunity to compare the strength of future opponents in the Champions League. Leipzig will play at home against Bayern and in case of victory will come off from second place to five points. Without a doubt, the real star of the tour in Germany.

4th round
14 Sep
“Leipzig” “Bavaria” (the Football Match) 19:30 GMT

source: “Soviet sport”

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