When will score today and will play CSKA Moscow against real Madrid?


“Soviet sport” announces another tour in the major European leagues.

Unless it’s the Champions League, where very soon the team of jürgen Klopp will play against Atletico Madrid. In the championship at this “intrigue” is not even dreamed of Bundesliga in recent years.

The separation of Liverpool from the second place is 18 points, and in the next round, the leader will have a guest battle against the last team of the League – “Norwich,” which, regardless of the outcome on the last line will remain. Will score a goal, it will be possible person to put a monument in his hometown.

In their last ten games angry Klopp and his friends conceded only once. The savagery.

Of related products at the checkout 26 round of Premier League offers opposition “Chelsea” and “Tottenham” – the result of this match can make adjustments in the place.

Jurgen Klinsmann has worked head coach “gerte” in just two and a half months and then he pointed himself at the door with a wording like: “here in Germany, it is not so and all wrong, and I’m used to another.”

Bosses “Hertha” was offended and called the decision a coach is “teen”. We can understand them. Big name Klinsmann could bring in new sponsors, but now transactions can be broken.

Under the direction of jürgen “Gert” managed to win only three games out of nine and is five points away from the relegation zone.

Already half of the distance behind, and the distance between the first and fifth team in the League just six points is something new. The schedule for the upcoming tour promises major changes in the table almost all the favorites hold their matches against rivals, where any loss of points will be sensational.

Inter Milan is on par with them and has a chance for the first time in ten years to regain the title of best team in Italy. In this respect, they are actively helping the fans, creating a refined atmosphere in the fan sector. Reliable sources claim that there is a lot of what our fans never dreamed of.

But to come off in this round of the “inter” hardly will manage. Guest match against “Lazio” is the best ad for local latitudes. It will be difficult, but with draw guests may be satisfied with. But Juventus play at home against Brescia and this match is the perfect opportunity without noise and dust to three points.

“Monaco” Alexander Golovin began to win. But then, many news resources surfaced news about “solidarity payments” for the transfer of the Russian midfielder. The theme is not new, a long and sad from the fact that, as in previous cases, most likely for Golovin no one gets anything – no school, where he was engaged in, nor the coaches who raised him.

Sam Alexander continues to regularly get in the starting lineup with the exception of the recent match against “Nimes”, but the last successful action midfielder scored in December last year in a match against “Amiens”. Overall this season, 6 points from Golovin according to goal+assist system (3+3)

The idea itself is good, but for start it would be nice, take a look around you in the starting line – “salty”, which this tour goes into the oven, I wanted to say at the “Santiago Bernabeu”.

The fact that Fedor will play from the first minute – the fact is far from obvious. The Spanish press without enthusiasm reacted to the debut of the Russians in the match against Sevilla in which Celta scored an important victory.

I believe that against the “real” underdog is to save forces before the game with a direct competitor for the right to stay in the elite – in tour “Celta” takes home “Leganes”. Here for sure you have to beat through the chimney. To win away at real Madrid and then lose at home to “Leganes” – that would be really funny.

source: “Soviet sport”

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