Whims can quit the NHL for $ 10 million in Russia? What lies behind the main rumor of the week


Whims can quit the NHL for $ 10 million in Russia? What lies behind the main rumor of the week

24-year-old Russian forward Kirill Kaprizov is the main transfer task of Minnesota Wild today. The striker, who immediately fell in love with the fans and the leadership of the “savages”, had a phenomenal debut season for a newcomer in the NHL. Of course, the Wilde camp wants to settle the issue as soon as possible and keep Kirill at home for many years.

It’s just that Whims himself does not seem to be eager to commit himself to contractual obligations with the club from St. Paul for a long time and become a part of the history of this team. Otherwise, the parties would have shaken hands long ago, and the issue would have been closed. However, an eight-year, albeit tempting in terms of money, agreement is far from what one of the most gifted hockey players of our time needs.

You can understand both the player and the club, which plans to tie the knot with Kaprizov, almost like “Washington” with Alexander Ovechkin. The fact is that in four years the Russian will enter the market of unlimited free agents, that is, he will be able to negotiate with any club. In turn, the Wild, calling things by their proper names, are trying to tie the hockey player’s hands with an eight-year contract. In this case, Kaprizov will have to spend most of his North American career in Minnesota. It’s just hard to believe that this team will claim something serious and compete for the Stanley Cup. Kirill wants to win, and not be the leader of an average team.

In this regard, the pressure on the “savages” continues. Today, famous hockey journalist Frank Seravalli shared information regarding the future Russian striker Kirill Kaprizov.

“I heard that Kirill Kaprizov has a preliminary agreement with CSKA on the conclusion of a one-year deal worth more than $ 10 million a year, which will come into force on September 1 – in case a new agreement with Minnesota is not signed.

Earlier, there was a rumor that Kaprizov will miss the next season in the NHL and return to CSKA, where he will wait out such an insistent desire of Minnesota to give him a long contract. The question is different: what will change if Kirill returns to Moscow for the season? Next year he will be only 25 years old, he will continue to remain in the OCA status, and until complete freedom of choice is still a very long time.

There is practically no doubt that the information about the preliminary agreement with the army team and the amount of $ 10 million through the press was launched by the North American forward’s agent Paul Theofanos. This was done in order to slap the leadership of “Minnesota”, to make the club move and agree with the player’s contractual wishes.

On the whole, the amount of $ 10 million looks cosmic. Nobody has ever received such money in the KHL: neither Kovalchuk, nor Datsyuk, nor Mozyakin, nor Ovechkin at Dynamo during the lockout season. In addition, the KHL has a hard salary ceiling of 900 million rubles. In recent years, too, CSKA had to part with Tolchinsky, Marchenko, and now also with Shalunov. Mikhail Grigorenko and Nikita Nesterov returned from overseas. But the cosmic sum, called Seravalli, is definitely not under the ceiling of the army payment. Do not forget about the difficult economic situation in the country. Even oligarch clubs will not be able to scatter gigantic money left and right. Life has changed, including its sports component.

Whims can quit the NHL for $ 10 million in Russia?  What lies behind the main rumor of the week

“One of the worst bluffs in sports history! CSKA’s budget has been spent, plus there is a cap under the salary ceiling of about $ 12 million.

Can we expect that such news will scare the general manager of “Minnesota?”

So the information launched by Seravalli is intended only for ordinary fans or for people who do not understand how agency games are conducted. For people in the sandbox, on the contrary, everything is extremely obvious. Let’s see how this story ends in the end, but it seems that Whims and Minnesota will nevertheless agree on favorable terms for both parties in the near future. Arranging information wars and bringing matters to a conflict is not beneficial for either the club or the player.

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