Who from games of the Russian teams going to the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo


The Olympics are traditionally an increased interest in tournaments in team sports. “Gold” in these disciplines is particularly prestigious because the number of participants is limited, and the summer Games long and challenging, the competition is higher. Кто из игровых российских команд поедет на Олимпиаду-2020 в Токио

Volleyball players won a ticket to the summer Games in St. Petersburg, having dealt with rivals from Mexico, Cuba and Iran. Photo: RIA Novosti

Russia had just three wins of the teams at the Olympics – men’s handball in Sydney 2000, the men’s volleyball at the London 2012 women’s handball in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. In the first half of August at the home of qualification tournament in Kaliningrad and Saint-Petersburg to Tokyo made it our women’s volleyball and men’s national squads respectively. At the same time, it is clear that in a number of types sure Russia will not be represented in the Japanese capital. Understand who else iglovikov can make a company volleyball at the upcoming Olympics in 2020.

To grab the ring

On the last day of March in China launched men’s world basketball championship with the participation of the Russian team. To get to Tokyo, wards Sergei Bazarevich must be among the two strongest European teams in the final classification world Cup 2019. This would be very difficult: the Old world in China represent just 12 teams, among them are such strong teams like Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, Greece. If the task is not workable in China, but will avoid outright failure, you will get a second chance. In June of next year, 24 teams from all continents, divided into four six, will host a global qualification. The group winners will go to Japan.

Unfortunately, the women’s team with Olympic hopes had to leave after the July debacle at the European championship in Serbia. In the play-off round for losers of quarterfinals girls were defeated by Sweden and were not included in the number of participants in the world skills.

Кто из игровых российских команд поедет на Олимпиаду-2020 в Токио Men’s basketball team has a good chance to play in Tokyo but a lot of injuries. Photo: Michael Sinitsyn


The Creator of the success of the women’s team in Rio 2016 Evgeny Trefilov left the post of coach of the national team, largely for health reasons. 63-year-old Maestro, with which players, in addition to the Olympics, and also won four world Championships, has replaced the Spanish coach Ambros Martin, who heads the super League club “Rostov-don”. At the world Cup in 2019, which starts on 30 November in Japan, at stake will be only one ticket. Likely to break for the Olympics will have a global qualification in March next year. To become its participant at the world Cup enough to get into the top six, but under certain circumstances this limit may be reduced to about tenth position…

In men, the system of selection similar, only the nearest major tournament for the national team of Russia – the January European championship (1 ticket, will be held in Austria, Norway and Sweden). For the Old world reserved two passes to the world qualification that has caught Norway, Germany, France, Sweden, Croatia and Spain. Plus Denmark as world champion-2019 is already preparing for Tokyo. That is, the Russians on TH need to be first or second among the teams, in addition to the above.

The water will seethe in January

In January next year in the Hungarian capital Budapest will host the European championship, where the men’s and women’s teams compete in parallel. Holders of continental’s “gold” will earn a pass to the Olympics, another five participants will be eligible to play in the March of world skills. It should be noted that tickets to Tokyo already have men’s teams Serbia, Italy, Spain and the girls from Spain. That is the problem at least for the Russian water Polo players and water Polo players is clear – for Euro 2020 should take no longer below the sixth place, although here, similar to handball, strap may slightly decrease.

Кто из игровых российских команд поедет на Олимпиаду-2020 в Токио For water Polo players decisive in terms of prospects to get to Japan, the January championship of the Old world in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Photo: RIA Novosti

Football suffering

In the football tournament of the Olympic games our athletes will not be back. Explain that the summer Games are the men’s team made up of players no older than 23 years, however, three participants from each team will be allowed to exceed this age limit. In the current selection cycle, our “Junior” ‘t even made it to the final tournament of Euro-2019, where he distributed tickets for the Game. Women’s football included in the Olympic program since 1996. The Russians in these tournaments so never and were not. This time the reason for the lack of the team in Tokyo was the defeat at the world Cup in 2019.

With sticks and bats trouble

Baseball and its female counterpart softball returned to the Olympic program after a 12-year hiatus. It’s not very popular in Russia sports, the lack of our teams in Tokyo the average fan won’t even notice because they are earlier in the Game was not involved.

In field hockey in Russian history our country at the main sports forums of the last four years and never played. In Japan we also will not be. Hockey players are mired in the second division of the championship of the Old world, the girls escaped, but the chance to win starting in four days the championship is zero. Maybe you get to go to world qualification, however, and there is objectively nothing.

By the way

General Manager men’s national team of Russia on volleyball Sergey Tetyukhin working in this position for the first season, go to their seventh straight (!) The Olympics. In the previous six, he participated as a player. In London 2012, with team won “gold” in four years in Rio de Janeiro was the standard bearer for our delegation at the opening ceremony of the Games.

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