Who gathered in the West? The rating legionary brigades KHL


In September should start a new regular championship KHL. We all missed hockey and look forward to the beginning of the season. Talk about legionary teams of the KHL clubs and give them a rating. In the Western conference missing the Nizhny Novgorod “torpedo”, which should go to the East and Riga “Dinamo”, where only the beginning of the active breeding work.

10. Severstal — 6.0

Legionnaires: s. Lalonde, s. Whitesnake, B. Liska, B. Bukarts, n Abdul

Do you recognize the names of Abdul and Whitesnake? The level of foreign players “Severstal” and their ability to raise questions. Of all five, only Lalonde did well in the KHL. Abdul extravaganza in Slovakia, but the local championship to the KHL as the moon, the odd has not shown serious progress during the season. Bukarts and Vitasence were pretty good in the Czech Republic and Finland respectively, but can they show the same level of play in the NHL? In Cherepovets has never relied on steep Legionnaires, I’ll see if Andrey Razin to build a strong team in the upcoming season.

Кого собрали на Западе? Рейтинг легионерских бригад КХЛ

Andrei Razin (center)

9. “Sochi” — 7.0

Legionnaires: V. Lassinantti, z. Rundblad, B. Nilsson, B. Johansson, A. Karjalainen

In Sochi he decided to completely renovate five of the legionary. The team have only defender Lundblad, who moved to the South of Russia in the course of last season. Lassinantti was good in the Swedish SHL, Nilsson was the best scorer of this League (54 points in 50 games), and Karjalainen more all scored in the Finnish “Tappara” (24 goals in 57 matches). Johansson was less noticeable, but in Sweden he is described as a quality centre-forward.

8. “Dinamo” Minsk – 7.5

Legionnaires: V. Furch, B. Taylor, W. Almquist, n Prince, n. a Pair

The citizens of Minsk were long financial uncertainty, but was able to get out of this situation. “Bison” has signed two beginners good – Farha and Elmquist, which definitely will enhance of football. On the way Rob Klinkhammer and Ryan Spooner. It is expected that this budget season, the Dynamo will rise slightly. Minsk dwellers should sign another 1-2 foreign players to close all the problematic positions. But whether Woodcroft to give the result? Last season Dinamo was no less eminent a part, and the result we all remember.

7. “Vityaz” — 7.5

Legionnaires: s. Arts, z. Hultstrom, n Tedenby, B. Danforth, S., Daugavins

The city-dwellers had gathered enough strong legionary five. Protection number two a great playmaker Arts and Hultstrom, and the attack will ignite the Trinity TedenbyDanforthDaugavins. The first looks great in Switzerland, the second was the best scorer of the Finnish League, and the third acts long enough in the NHL at a high level. If the team won’t disassemble the pieces during the championship, the “hero” must get in the zone playoffs.

6. SKA – 7.5

Legionnaires: V. Hellberg, z. Bengtsson, B. Wei, S., Kemppainen, B. Aaltonen

St. Petersburg’s team has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, now there is a scattering of stars as before. Not to say that on the banks of the Neva played the toughest legionaries, but they have also slipped. Only Hellberg and Wei do not cause problems, is a high level hockey players. Bengtsson and Kemppainen nothing special in SKA not remember, Aaltonen after the exchange of the “Vityaz” quickly extinguished. Will these foreigners to shoot in the upcoming Championships?

Кого собрали на Западе? Рейтинг легионерских бригад КХЛ

Lukas Bengtsson

5. “Jokerit” — 8.0

Legionnaires: V. Kalnins, V. Lindbäck, z. Krejci, s. Leo, s. Grant, s. Pudasjärvi, z. Sklenicka, B. Jensen, S., Schroeder, B. O’neill, B. Norman

There are no limits “Jokerit” no, but most of the foreigners in the team – the Scandinavians. Whether they count as foreign players? To speculate on this topic can be very long, but the fact remains – in Helsinki collected the coolest foreign players, even if their list was coming from Europeans. It is not clear what will be the Jokerit in the new season and whether the team play in General. Very soon the situation should be resolved.

4. CSKA – 8.0

Legionnaires: V. Johansson, s. Robinson, s. Dalbec, B. Kempe

In the Moscow army club legionary brigade have not changed much: the team left Jiri Cleaver, to replace him Woo the infamous ex-forward of “Washington” of Lipnica. In General, CSKA are good foreigners, which in the new season will hold much more hope after the departure of Cyril Kaprizova, Mikhail Grigorenko and Ilya Sorokin.

3. “Spartak” — 8.0

Legionnaires: V. Hudacek, s. Yuse, n Ganzl, n. Radios, called Lehtera, n Bakosh

In another Moscow club gathered no less interesting legionary brigade. The team remained Hudacek and Hansl, returned to Russia from California Lukasz Radios, which played 56 matches for “San Jose” in the NHL, joined the Swedish Yuse, Finn of Lehtera and Slovak Bakosh. On paper, in “Spartacus” were a powerful foreign troops. With such a composition Oleg V. is obliged to show good results.

Кого собрали на Западе? Рейтинг легионерских бригад КХЛ

Lucas Radios

2. Lokomotiv — 8.5

Legionnaires: V. Pasquale, s. Ohtamaa, n. lander, B. Petterson, S., Paajarvi-Swanson

From the wards Andrei Skabelka much is expected in the new season. Belarusian pulled in Yaroslavl familiar to legionaries: Pasquale and Ohtamaa were key players in “Barys”, and Petersson played in “Avant-garde” and the then Astana under the leadership Skabelka. It will be interesting to see how adapted to the conditions of the Belarusian specialist lander and Paajarvi-Swenson. The conclusion is clear: in the “Locomotive” met a cool foreign players, at least on paper.

1. Dynamo Moscow – 9.0

Legionnaires: s. Czajkowski, s. Hietanen, B. Yashkin, B. Lindberg, MD Pulkkinen

The strongest legions in the West, gathered in Moscow “Dynamo”. Vladimir Krikunova have to give credit: he managed to build a very strong team for whose game is nice to watch. Part fit perfectly Yashkin, who is now ranked in the top 3 players in the NHL, has improved the performance of Tchaikovsky and Hietanen, good Pulkkinen, who was able to score 40 (23+17) points last season, speaking in half-dead Minsk “Dynamo” and in the second link of the Moscow club. We will monitor the adaptation of Lindberg, which has a good background in the NHL.

It is safe to say that “Dynamo” played two of the best hockey player in the KHL, Vadim Shipachyov and Yashkin. Their link made for Muscovites last season. The upcoming season for “Dinamo” promises to be no less interesting.

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