Who helped Lewis Hamilton to be the best


The main prizes of the 2015 season found its heroes. Last Sunday on the track in Austin Texas British pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton won the United States Grand Prix and crowned himself the third time, while retaining last year’s title, won with the German factory team. Two weeks ago in Sochi, thanks to the punishment of Finn Kimi Raikkonen manufacturer and the motorist has already received the Cup of Designers. 3 phase up to the end remained unresolved question: who will be the second?

Lewis Hamilton

Definitive predictions now can be given. To say that the partner of Lewis, Nico Rosberg overwhelmed would be too soft. Who saw the race, remembers the expression on his face at the awarding ceremony, which was attended by American politicians, senior managers and sir Elton John! While the black ham was beaming with joy, the face of a performer for Germany Scandinavian purchased the asphalt color. Three Grand Prix wins in a row he qualified, but all three times the fate on the side of his partner.

But the fate of it? There was a feeling that the 66th world Championships are the pilots of the crystal, and for the sake of completeness it would be worth to write on the sides “fragile”. If we analyze the causes of appearance on the track safety Kara, I mean the safety car, or the virtual mode, only one time they were justified. But why body sports car under the direction of Berndt Maylander cause to the track after any gathering in the distance, even in the moments when the racers gently fade away at the curb, not taking the main path, and especially not littering the track with debris?

Of course, the “f-1” periodically throws in the extreme, and the tragedy of 2014, when Japan crashed Frenchman Jules Bianchi (died in the summer of 2015, and is not coming out of the coma), was forced to strengthen security requirements. However, the marshals still continue to run across the track and collect items while dodging fireballs like they’re not people. And each departure safety car sometimes changes the scenario of the Grand Prix: in this mode, overtaking is forbidden, but no one bothers to catch up to ahead, and the most affected is the leaders. So 2 weeks ago in Sochi, and then and October 25 in the United States was the unfortunate Nico Rosberg.

His father is the famous Finn beaten only in the XXI century record average speed lap on the racetrack, “f-1”, but was also not favored by fortune. And fans of the son, of which in Germany, is not less than that of Sebastian Vettel, see this as a conspiracy. Let’s be objective: braking races in favor of the security Directorate was stolen by Niko, a total of half a minute advantage over teammate, with whom relations are not the most warm. And this same friend on the joys of ready to act with Elton John duet: how can we not angry?

I remembered how in the American racing series, if the leader is too much away from his pursuers, the organizers deliberately released the machine security (overseas adopted marking the pace car), so that the audience do not get bored too soon. But it is in favor of the American perception of competition and the “Formula 1”, I’m sorry, modeled on European patterns, and the psychology of fans, it is somewhat different.

I have no doubt that the U.S. Grand Prix gathered a huge audience around the world. For the European audience more than comfortable, but the main intrigue was a record power for all history of meteorological observations hurricane with wayward name “Patricia”. He threatened to frolic on the Pacific coast of Mexico, but South Texas is in the neighborhood. Echoes of the elements covered circuit on Friday continued a day later, and in the end it was decided to postpone the qualification on Sunday morning. Yes, in younger “Formulas” it is a common practice, but also circles you guys are like 3 times less. And here to give all the best in the “qualitee” to a few hours to go for the race — a monstrous rhythm not only for the athletes themselves, but also for engineers. But the third segment is still has not been held. Along the route were digging drainage trenches, and the areas of the track in the lowlands reminded of the streets of Moscow after heavy rains last summer. The day before that frustrated viewers even totally free run for the Avenue between the homes and a paddock, to somehow apologize for mischief “Patricia”. People taking pictures of the heroes and took their autographs. And the pilots of Red Bull, two Tribute — Aussie Ricciardo and Kvyat our even staged a dance in the rain (in the mood “the red bulls” have retained two-thirds of the race).

I wonder what people think, signing the Grand Prix calendar for the season? Are hurricanes this time of year in the southern part of North America is a surprise? Or bad weather caused by the monsoon in the spring in Southeast Asia, when is the Malaysian Grand Prix? Surely, everyone knows this. Apparently, the “Formula” intentionally goes for the storm: so much more interesting.

No doubt, the race is held in tension required 2 hours. Wet asphalt and rain format rubber negated the advantage of the two Mercedes in speed on the straights, and a lotion to use DRS was pointless. But the rain abated, and although the track remained wet almost to the finish line, cars began to change in the slick. And if in the debut of the main characters are like Kvyat and Ricciardo (Daniel even surpassed mercedesbenzes and took the lead), then after drying, took the initiative, the two leaders of the championship and Ferrari. Although Raikkonen crashed his car on wet phase, 4-time world champion Vettel has shown that next season he and the team are ready to fight for the title. But Russian Kvyat made a mistake, typical for youth: maybe he shouldn’t have felt himself a second on the track (and almost took the lead). In the second part of the Grand Prix of the “bulls” began to overtake competitors, including our sister team Toro Rosso, and the racer in an attempt to take revenge did not keep the car on the 43rd lap. “I wrecked my car, guys…” – sorry, he said over the radio.

Ham — Niko — SEB. The top three winners of the Grand Prix of the USA coincides with the position in the overall standings. Traditional scoring in the “f-1” minimizes error, so in principle this group reflects the balance of forces in the season-2015. And if Hamilton out of reach, Rosberg will now try to repel the attacks of Vettel. Although probably both already mentally in the 67th world Cup.

All the world Champions of the XXI century:

2001-2004. Michael Schumacher (Germany, Ferrari)

2005-2006. Fernando Alonso (Spain, Renault)

2007.Kimi Raikkonen (Finland. Ferrari)

2008. Lewis Hamilton (UK, McLaren-Mercedes)

2009. Jenson Button (Great Britain, Brawn-Mercedes)

2010-2013. Sebastian Vettel (Germany, Red Bull Racing-Renault)

2014-2015. Hamilton (Mercedes)

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