Who is to blame for the failure of the broadcast from the Port? “Match TV” posted documents


Business around torn TV broadcast of the match of qualification of League of Champions “Port” – “Krasnodar” has got a new twist. In response to the accusations of the Portuguese party “Match TV” made an official statement and provided important documents. Кто виноват в срыве трансляции из Порту? "Матч ТВ" выложил документы

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/RIA Novosti

Recall that showing this fight fell through at the last moment. “Match TV”, which had broadcast the game, immediately announced that it happened for reasons beyond channel reasons. And referred to the fact that the Portuguese side is literally 1.5 hours before the starting whistle has changed the terms of the agreement. Today the Director of the “Port” for communications, Francisco Marques said С that to blame the Russian side. Say, after an agreement was reached on a price of 50 thousand euros for the right to show a meeting, “Match TV” was supposed to transfer money, and to do so not later than 1.5 hours before the game.

The response of the Russian TV crew followed quickly. And, most importantly, for the first time the audience was shown some documents. The situation was explained creative Director “Match TV” Gabriel Gordeev.

– Initially, FC Porto insisted on broadcasting rights for the match for 200 thousand euros, which exceeds the market price tenfold. As a result of long negotiations and with a high level of spectator interest “Match TV” expressed their willingness to buy the TV rights for 50 thousand euros, although this price was clearly inflated. A corresponding amount was recorded in the agreement – said in a statement Gordeeva. The contract stipulates the condition that “Match TV” must make payment before September 1, 2019. This is due to the fact that to convert the currency of payment in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation it is necessary to prepare a number of documents. Any items on the deadline for the mandatory payment of 1.5 hours before the start of the match in the contract are not spelled out. Along with this, FC Porto has provided “Match TV” all the necessary parameters to access the TV signal from the estádio do dragão. However, at 20:20 Moscow time, we received a letter from the Portuguese side, in which the performers, referring to the President of the club, cancel the agreement on the terms of payment and require payment before starting the game. At the same time with the letter access the TV signal was blocked.

This statement included a photo of the contract with the Portuguese, where there really are no “money – forward” does not appear, but clearly spelled out the term until September 1. And a scan of the letter from the “Port”, which break the initial agreements and is reported on blocking access signal.

Note that in the live game are unable to see not only the Russian audience – the Portuguese channels match also not shown. And the only source of TV pictures was club mobile app, recently launched “Port”. It was available for free, including on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Obviously, the statement “Match TV” will not be. It is possible that the case goes to court. The Russian side may claim compensation for breach of the agreement. The Portuguese, too, may be a claim, because the end of the match “Match TV” still showed the live broadcast of the footage was taken with cameras of the Russian TV channel, installed on the edge.

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