Who took Parking selanne? SKA was not discouraged after the failure at the tournament in Sochi


© Photo : official page of HC SKAice Hockey SKAКто занял парковку Селянне? СКА не унывает после неудач на турнире в Сочи

The RIA Novosti correspondent Sergey Yaremenko visited the collection of the St. Petersburg SKA in Finland and he watched the army prepare for the new season.

Knowledgeable people say that it is not necessary to pay attention to the results of the preseason matches and tournaments, but clever are always in the minority, so every year lose the usual leader – an indispensable cause for concern.

SKA not only that, I broke up with almost all the leading players and for the first time in recent history enters the season without superstars, and have lost three of four matches at the tournament in Sochi. Here you can papanikolau, close to a hundred castles and walk around all day with black faces.

In fact, nothing of the sort happened – St. Petersburg preparing for the season, making fun of them and retain the maximum possible under heavy loads and in a good mood.

The first match at the training camp in Finland, SKA will hold on Wednesday against Jokerit, of course, but the team settled in Helsinki on Saturday night. From the time of CSKA Vyacheslav Bykov staying in the same hotel on the shores of forest lake. 10-15 years ago you could write that the main advantage is the hotel’s remoteness from all temptation. The nearest store with beer and other beverages of eight kilometers. But now it is clearly not true. The biggest violation of the regime for the current players – the extra cake for evening tea.

Happened before that SKA even workout routine went to the “Hartwall Arena”. Now all modest – ride CSKA ice in a small yard in the neighboring village, and against Jokerit will play in the town of Tikkurila.

The truth is the current practice arena of Petersburgers is also not without a highlight. The first thing that catches the eye at the entrance to the Palace – separate Parking space for Teemu selanne. Look at the name tag of the former forward of “Anaheim” and laugh – he even aware that he was waiting in this village?

© Photo : official page of HC SKASKA Training base in FinlandКто занял парковку Селянне? СКА не унывает после неудач на турнире в Сочи

And then you go inside the arena and the smile vanishes under the ceiling of the cafe no less than five sweaters of the famous Finn of all the clubs where he played – nahimovskij pair with duck breast, old Jersey, “Winnipeg”, “San Jose” and the national team of Finland, of course. All autographs and inscriptions.

– There is not only selanne was misleading the staff of the club and show the locker room occupied by doctors and therapists. It is more like a Museum of hockey – real sweaters Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby, a collection of trophies on a shelf and the main relic – the Golden banana on the mahogany stand.

© Sergey Yaremenko Training base SKA in FinlandКто занял парковку Селянне? СКА не унывает после неудач на турнире в Сочи

Is our prize for the tournament in Sochi! – laughing club wits.

Yes, within the team because of failures in pre-season under load no one really being pushed.

Have fun and players. For the convenience of the players broke up into several groups – some on the ice, part jog around the stadium, and part of the pedals of exercise equipment on the terrace hockey arena. In the midst of a run to the delight of the “bikers” started a powerful shower. Handlers equipment, safely hidden by the canopy, gave warm greetings to miserable runners.

© Photo : official page of HC SKAHockey players SKA have during weight trainingКто занял парковку Селянне? СКА не унывает после неудач на турнире в Сочи

The most fun on the terrace was nail Yakupov. The striker missed the tournament in Sochi due to a small damage, but spoiling for a fight. Dmitry Kagarlitsky, Joonas Kemppainen and Vladimir Tkachev needs to strengthen the attack, but Yakupov has everything to become the main star of the SKA this season. Last season he became the best sniper of SKA in the regular season, while the average playing time was only eighth among the St. Petersburg strikers. There will be more time – should be the goals.

While Yakupov clearly kicks from returning to Russia. It was felt last season, but now the striker completely settled into the team and behaves approximately as Artem Dzuba in the “Zenith” – always positive, with jokes and good mood.

© Photo : official page of HC SKASKA Forward nail YakupovКто занял парковку Селянне? СКА не унывает после неудач на турнире в Сочи

And all this in spite of the massive load. The time of ploughing was at SKA at the end of July in Novogorsk, but in the beginning the Finnish team collection well loaded – 2 and a half hours on the ice and on the ground in the morning, then repeat in the evening. Some players with this schedule even happy rainy weather – in the heat would be even harder.

© Photo : official page of HC SKAHockey players SKA during the ice trainingКто занял парковку Селянне? СКА не унывает после неудач на турнире в Сочи

Monday morning on a personalized Parking space selanne found someone’s BMW. Car is not new, worn, but who knows what Teemu goes to local villages. Alas, at the podium during a workout SKA a local legend and has not appeared – perhaps someone of your employees or visitors of the Palace decided to touch part of someone else’s glory and put your car on the spot for idol. But maybe the real selanne will attend the match of CSKA with “Jokerit” on Wednesday?

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