Why Alonso Renault and Renault — Alonso? Estimate the chances of the return of the Spaniard in Formula 1


Following the announcement about the departure of Vettel from Ferrari and the ensuing changes in the rosters of other teams in the Motorsport press has amplified rumors about the return of Formula 1 Fernando Alonso. The reason for them became vacant after the departure of Riccardo in “McLaren” in “Reno”. With a French team, the Spaniard, close relationship — with her, he won two League titles in the mid-2000s, but since then much in Enstone has changed.

It is believed that Alonso will make a decision closer to the fall — after the “Indianapolis 500”, which this year will take place in late August. By this time a lot can change, but right now the situation looks as follows.

Fernando wants to go

Alonso has left Formula 1 at the end of 2018, stating that he is ready to return, but only if it is a chance to be at a competitive technique. Since then, the Spaniard has twice won the “24 hours of Le Mans”, has become world champion in endurance racing, he raced at Indianapolis and on rally “Dakar”, with the “Big prizes” are not refused.

6 may, in one interview Alonso said that “more or less knows” what to do in season 2021, when he gave to understand that the Formula-1 in its short-term plans are not included. “I have always said that with the new rules in 2021, I may be back in Formula-1, because machines will become more balanced, and I want to try myself. Transfer the new rules for 2022 — intuitive solution, but it’s bad news,” he said then.

Зачем Алонсо «Рено» и «Рено» — Алонсо? Оцениваем шансы на возвращение испанца в Формулу-1

Alonso on the podium of the race “24 hours of Le Mans”-2019

It was six days before the announcement of the “Ferrari” about the breakup with Vettel, although, according to rumors, in Maranello has taken a decision in December — and had already agreed to move to the Science. It is assumed that at the same time in the McLaren, knowing about the possible departure of Carlos, began negotiations with Riccardo — the coming of the Australian in Woking it became known on 14 may.

You know about these changes in advance of Alonso? Not the fact, and even if they knew in advance, was more thinking about the “Ferrari” or “McLaren”, which, as it turns out now on the agenda and was not. Fernando still wants to fight for wins and podiums, and the transition to “Reno” is a return exactly to where Alonso and a half years ago fled from the constant and tedious work in the future with no real chance of success in the short race.

Alonso wants a competitive car

The transition to the new regulations pending before the season 2022, and in the following year, the pilots will act on the chassis 2020. “Reno” is one of the few teams that for the upcoming season radically redesigned car: engineers completely redesigned the nose cone, moving away from the philosophy of generalists to a more compact and elegant solution in the style of a Mercedes.

In tests, this car did not Shine, and in the second week, when engineers worked on the selection of settings only on the final day could surpass its own record of the first series of tests. By the total traveled distance Renault too, only in the second half of the table. These winter tests have not convinced Daniel ricciardo to stay in the team, although the French, according to rumors, was desperately trying to keep the Aussie.

For “Renault” in principle come very difficult times. In the Cup of designers team loses a private client who is leaving and takes her best riders. Of course, he’ll have to do for the French season in 2020, and if the machine was good, Dan will flash several times and finally will help the team, but if the chassis was so-so, the reputation of Renault will be destroyed. Not the fact that the team generally will withstand such a blow.

Chance Renault may be for Alonso last

In season 2022 the balance of power will be redefined — the new chassis are so different that each team will have to work from scratch. The new rules leave to the engineers is even less creative freedom, and therefore, the probability that the speed of the cars is equalized. This, of course, applies not only Renault, but also for all teams of the championship. And, as he said himself a week and a half of Alonso, it would be interesting to try myself in this Formula-1. Especially as a top team in season 2022 may be any of the current average.

Зачем Алонсо «Рено» и «Рено» — Алонсо? Оцениваем шансы на возвращение испанца в Формулу-1

Cyrille Abitbol on the tests in Barcelona

But where is the guarantee that at the end of 2021 for Alonso will be available jobs? In July Fernando will celebrate 39 years and every year without regular racing practice becomes more and more expensive. As the Spaniard can maintain racing form, but the calendar only a few WEC races (and regular pilots have to be somewhere else, to save the form), and “the Dakar” takes place once a year is not too busy schedule.

In this case, it makes sense to take the opportunity to return in 2021 to the emergence of a new chassis in 2022 to be as prepared as possible and go with the team all the way to create machine — from the first drawings to start. And place in the “Reno” may be Alonso a real chance to build around himself a new team in the future to compete for the third title. The same, however, talked about the “McLaren-Honda” in 2015.

Other options for Renault

Renault, by the way, there are other options besides Alonso. The French have a good youth program, in which, for example, the Chinese Zhou Guangyi, who last year in his debut season of Formula 2, five times on the podium and won the qualification at Silverstone. Guangyi can also lead to the Asian team sponsors — this can be a advantage in the face of discontent boss, “Reno” cost for the maintenance team.

If the French need a more reliable option, they have Jack Aitken, who spent f-2 for two seasons and won in a series of four victories. If a team is willing to take the risk, it makes sense to look at Christian Lundholm. In f-3 from the Dane was waiting for more, and he hasn’t traveled in Formula 2, although Esteban Windows this circumstance did not prevent to Express themselves in “Force India”, so Christian still believe.

Not the fact that the Windows in the absence of Riccardo cope with the role of team leader, and then Renault need a more reliable pilot. On the other hand, if you invite in a couple of Esteban, a young pilot, and the role of the team leader to return Frederic Vasseur , one of the best professionals working with newcomers, it will be a great chance to completely restart the project of Renault in Formula 1.

In addition, you cannot write off the return of someone from former pilots of the team — Nico Hulkenberg or even ex-reservist Sergey Sirotkin. In General, the French are now lots of options.

Alonso too

Frankly, the chances to get a place in one of the three current top teams in the near future Alonso there’s got to be something incredible that somewhere was hiring, and leadership was ready to take the risk to take the Spaniard. In the “McLaren”, which is gradually approaching the giants in the coming years, places also will not be. However, there is another unexpected option — “Aston Martin”.

After the winter tests many experts agree that the “pink Mercedes” “racing point” will be regularly fighting for the podium and will be at least one of the leaders in the middle of the peloton. It is not excluded that already in the season 2020 “racing point” can regularly beat “Reno” and to fight “the McLaren”. And by investing Lawrence Strolla, which seems serious, the situation of the team will only improve.

Зачем Алонсо «Рено» и «Рено» — Алонсо? Оцениваем шансы на возвращение испанца в Формулу-1

Othmar of Szafnauer and Lawrence Stroll

The “racing point” long-term contracts with pilots — lance Strolla and Sergio Perez, and if the first team is not exactly expelled, but with the Mexican in which case will not stand on ceremony. Which copes with the work, is kept as a team player and constantly praises lance in an interview. In addition, he has Mexican sponsors, and breach of contract with him means breaking contracts and those who support it.

But the financial aspect here will not be decisive — besides, according to the Spanish Marca, Liberty Media is ready to partially Finance the contract Alonso with one of the teams, but contracts in Formula 1 — is not required. As reported all the same Marca, Fernando would think at least until the summer — and by then, it will be clear how to go the new “Reno” and whether the “pink Mercedes” to fight for podiums.

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