Why Russia did not see a fabulous victory “Krasnodar” in Portugal


Miracles in sport in General and football in particular happen. One of them occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Portugal, where the venerable Porto took the Champions League debut from Krasnodar. The constant participant of the playoffs the Champions League the last three seasons took the “bulls” on the stadium “estádio do dragão” in the status of the obvious favourite, has achieved up to this on the road in a quality game quite comfortable odds — 1:0. But if the owners had hoped to arrange with the “bulls” on the home field of the bullfight, their plans were rudely interrupted by the opponent. Bullfighting is not something that came the Portuguese (it, unlike the Spanish, the animal killing is not accepted), and even less bloodthirsty: Krasnodar bull trampled a local toreador. It is a pity to see this action live managed not many.


Just a minute before the starting whistle of the main Russian public sports channel, which had to pass the fatal stream for FC Krasnodar match with apology announced that kin will not be. “Not depending on us reasons…” — read moments of football fans in shock the inscription on the screen.

The fact that the rights to broadcast the Euro Cup qualifying rounds has not UEFA as the games of the group stage or the playoffs, and the owners of the stadiums where these matches are held. They say that greedy Portuguese to the last tried to bargain for the most favorable conditions, but in the end has not received from the Russian side a penny, and at the same time has missed more than 12 million euros for getting into the group stage of a major European club tournament. However, unsurprisingly, the Portuguese party explains what happened differently, shifting the responsibility for the failure of the broadcast on the Russians who have not paid telepraca before the starting whistle.

Disorder and frustration simultaneously the loser and the loser of the Portuguese after the final whistle of the Italian referee Marco Guida easy to understand. Dead silence after the match at the Dragao was very eloquent and gave the whole palette of feelings of the local fans who really wanted as soon as possible to forget about the incident. It is not known that more forced into the depression of employees “Port”: the bitterness of defeat or loss, including from Russian TV, profit. But to take the rap for all before the host had correspondent Denis Levko and his operator Veduchina the Novel that became the eyes and ears of the Russian football fans at the stadium this evening.

The crew was expelled from the field, and then asked to leave the arena, forbidding the passage and at the press conference and the mixed zone. Our guys, to their credit, managed to pass in the Moscow Studio footage with moodily leaving the lawn players of “Porto”, and together with this post-match interview with the main hero of the match, the scorer of two goals by Magomed Shapi Suleymanov, for which they thank you. Without these sketches to feel the solemnity of the moment would have been much more difficult.

And to say Suleymanov, who after the match praised the social networks even Khabib Nurmagomedov, was that. “I want to say Hello to all those who didn’t believe in us ahead of the return leg,” — says a satisfied Magomed Shapi. And such an injection of pessimists he had every right. To admit, in the ranks of the unbelievers I was. Moreover, without exception, all the doctors had a chance to discuss the prospects of FC Krasnodar in the second leg with Porto, the estimated probability of passing the Portuguese club tap low. Everyone was talking about that I wish the bulls luck, and for them to survive, but the mathematical chances of success were assessed as very close to the statistical error.

On the scales of “Krasnodar” was really a bit of factors, but, on the other hand, there was a lack of at least some ligachampion experience that the coaching staff of that team. And lack of coordination after a major shakeup of the lineup this summer. And yet the experience of the Champions League regulars Porto and ability of the Portuguese clubs to play bright in his field…

But a miracle happened. On a break rivals went with the score 3:0 on the scoreboard in favor of the Russians. The dragons played 2 goals and were close to equalise at the end, but impeccably acted at the gate a young Matthew Safonov, so cool today, reminiscent of Igor Akinfeev at the beginning of his career.

Is it fair won “Krasnodar”? I believe that the fans of the “bulls” and “Port” to this question the opposite view. Team Murad Musayev has played almost to the limit and very carefully treated to the created points. The overall game advantage of course, it was the hosts who dominated possession, attacked and shot on target, but in modern football statistical advantage does not always become the key to victory. Remember the match “Zenit”—”locomotive”, in which nearly a couple of years ago Zenit completely controlled the game and scored only Muscovites, who won in the end — 3:0. Dragao was a similar picture. Why the Portuguese failed to score more than two goals? This question may in Porto looking for the answer themselves.

“Krasnodar” continued to make advances to the group stage of the Champions League. Getting into the main draw of the tournament is not only great to help the club financially, but will also open a new milestone in the history of a young team. But first you must overcome the obstacle in the form of Olympiacos FC, which will play August 20 at the Feast, and 27- in Krasnodar. On paper, the closest rival of the Russians, which, by the way, plays well familiar to us for his “Dynamo” Frenchman Mathieu Valbuena, looks not so terribly as “Port”, but to treat it will have seriously. The titled Greek club in the domestic League was given an impressive winning streak and last lost in February of this year.

“Port”—”Krasnodar”: a private screening

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