Why Sharapova lost the third match in a row. What’s wrong with Mary?

Maria Sharapova played the first match after his hand injury, which starred Wimbledon. But not the resin to pass to the second round of the tournament in Toronto.


In the night of Tuesday, Moscow time, she lost to Estonian Anette Kontaveit – 6:4, 3:6, 4:6. “Soviet sport” – about the three main reasons for another failure Sharapova.

One of the most serious consequences of long breaks – the player loses a competitive tone. Which are not accumulated on any training. Since his return after suspension Mary is the “fits and starts” – the maximum that she can do is spend two or three tournaments in a row, after which Sharapova takes another pause due to a new injury. Hip, elbow, shoulder and forearm – a partial list of what troubled Russian woman during this period (April 2017). To say that the ex-first racket of the world could get in the right rhythm, gaining competitive practice, such conditions are not necessary. And no experience (and Sharapova for 32 years, 18 of which she spent in WTA Tour), alas, is not compensated. In training you can work on physical shape and Refine the key strokes, perfecting a forehand, backhand or serve. However, you cannot simulate a real match against a real opponent, with a suitable pressure for the result, emotional tension and psychological “differences” – from absolute confidence to momentary despair caused by lost points in key situations.

And well, if from the first minute all happens easily, and you surely outperform the other tennis player. Then you can without any tone, just on the class and experience to bring the game to victory. But if it starts hard fight, the lack of competitive practices is evident in the most difficult moments. And what practice was Sharapova this year? When she held three tournaments in January-February, and since then has played only three matches, the last of which never finished due to new health problems?

Почему Шарапова проиграла третий матч подряд. Что не так с Марией?

The lack of game practice in the first place has confidence. No matter how many titles in your career that you had previously topped the ranking, took the medal and won all the strongest tennis players of the planet. If now, at this moment, you’re missing the advantage of one break in the second game because of a couple stupid mistakes, still will begin to doubt: “And am I doing it right? But enough of me power to correct the situation?”. Such crises happen even from Serena Williams (remember the finals of last year’s Wimbledon and US Open, when American first and foremost because of our own nerves are unable to adequately compete with Angelique Kerber and Naomi Osaka). What to say about Sharapova, which over the past two seasons there is no title, but there is destruction from Catherine of Maria Sinyakova, Monica Niculescu and Vitaly Dyachenko?

Maria herself admits that lack of confidence is one of the main problems at the moment.

– Back is never easy. And I know I still have a lot of such matches is hard, hard, against strong opponents. Need to show my best tennis, regardless of how you feel and who you play with. But without the confidence it is not easy to do. I’ll need time to that confidence to gain, – Sharapova said after the defeat against Kontaveit.

Почему Шарапова проиграла третий матч подряд. Что не так с Марией?

First, why has a lack of confidence – so is stability. Wrong, you start to doubt yourself, try to change something in your tennis, wrong again, I doubt even more… well, vicious circle. Again, with a significant gaming advantage and the lead it’s not scary. But when the match is “thin”, and the fate of the match to decide two or three key prank, this instability leads to fatal outs, bad decisions and, ultimately, to defeat. Match Sharapova with Nontawat lasted 2 hours 44 minutes, and in all that time Estonian had won only 8 points more than the Russians! It was they who decided the outcome in favor of Anette.

But there is another important factor that affects tennis Mary in long fights. Namely, her physical form. It is noticeable that the ex-first racket of the planet doesn’t have the stamina. She gets very tired by the end of the second hour of the game, which decreases movement speed, strength and accuracy of punches… Sharapova is Often just no time to assess the situation and make the right decision, how to draw, and begins punching backhand, hoping for a stray hit to the court. Of course, partly influenced and the effects of trauma – discomfort in the shoulder, left arm and legs may still complicate Mary’s life. Age is also keep in mind in 32 years to cope with stress is much harder than at 22, but tennis Sharapova – force, aggressive – initially involves high energy consumption. “Pump” workout performance, of course, possible, but in official matches, there are other laws. Emotional stress exacerbates the fatigue at times. Two hours against the opponents in the tournament are much harder than five hours of practice with a sparring partner! For the past three years we have often seen how Sharapova is “breathed out”. In particular, protracted matches. And just during the tournament. This explains the situation when the “Big hats” Maria plays first opponent from the top 3, and then in the third or fourth round is inferior to the girls from outside the top 10 or even top 20.

And while Sharapova will start to play regularly without pausing every two to three weeks because of another health problems, none of the described problems will not solve.

source: “Soviet sport”

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