Wilder’s fiance cried after the fight. She saw 150 punches and a hard knockout from Fury


Wilder’s fiance cried after the fight. She saw 150 punches and a hard knockout from Fury

On the night of October 10, one of the most anticipated events of 2021 took place in professional boxing, culminating in the third fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury . The duel between the Bronze Bomber and the Gypsy King was held in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) at T-Mobile Stadium, which is the home arena of the Vegas Golden Knights National Hockey League club.

Exchange of knockdowns at the beginning of the fight

In the first round, the American boxer relied on work on the body, from the first minutes of the fight, unleashing a series of jabs on his opponent. At the end of the round, the challenger delivered a few more blows to the body, but at the end he missed a hard blow to the head. In the second round, Wilder is no longer as confident as he was in the first three minutes. Tyson reminded his opponent that he couldn’t do it with checkers. Fury hits and immediately goes into the clinch. Wilder threw more, but the champion worked more accurately.

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Key events began to unfold from the third round. Deontay went in exchange – he himself received a couple of powerful blows to meet, and then loaded a powerful uppercut into the head of Tyson. He tasted blood and unleashed a hail of blows on his opponent. However, the American boxer played too much, lost his vigilance and received a heavy blow to meet. The bronze bomber fell to the floor. This is a knockdown! The American got up to morally strong-willed and literally lived out the last seconds of the third round.

In the fourth round, everything was reversed. Now Fury played too much and missed the strike towards him. Return knockdown! And immediately another knockdown! And again the champion is on the floor. This time, Fury himself was saved by the gong from enormous problems. At the same time, it is important to note that the second knockdown was actually not counted by the judge Wilder, since his blow fell on the back of Tyson’s head.

Wilder cheated the laws of nature, but still got knocked out

The further the battle went on, the less and less Wilder’s strength remained. Fury’s punches became more precise and more accented, and Deontay resisted with great difficulty. The statistics of the blows delivered with each round recorded the growing superiority of the British champion. If you look at the final numbers, then in all rounds, starting from the second, Wilder missed more than 10 hits in three minutes. In turn, Deontay himself only once overcame this bar. This happened in the ninth round, when 11 shots of the American hit the target at once. The whole problem for him was only in the fact that in the same three minutes, Fury struck 22 hits.

The 35-year-old American behaved heroically, withstanding a truly incredible test. At some point, it was simply not clear how Wilder, in principle, kept on his feet, it was so hard for him in battle. He simply deceived the laws of nature, withstanding all this! In the middle of the 10th round, the third (valid) knockdown in the confrontation happened – this time Wilder was again on the floor. Deontay absolutely heroically lived up to the 11th round, where Fury still sent him to a tough knockout, putting a spectacular end to the end of the trilogy.

Deontay’s bride could not hold back tears after her husband’s defeat

By this time, Fury’s superiority in accurate hits was already overwhelming – 150: 72. The Briton, in principle, surpassed his rival in all statistical indicators.

385 over 355 in total strokes.
150 (39%) – 72 (20%) for accurate hits;
117 – 102 on jabs;
36 (31%) – 9 (9%) on exact jabs;
268 – 253 for power strikes;
114 (43%) – 63 (25%) in accurate power strikes.

Despite the defeat, Wilder had an amazing fight, but it is unlikely that this will make it any easier for him now. The Briton successfully completed his first title defense, again remaining undefeated. Beloved Deonthea could not hold back her tears after the end of a grand battle.

How sorry for the girl and how sorry for Wilder himself, who did everything in his power. Immediately after the end of the fight, he could not contain his emotions and Fury, who burst into tears right in the ring. The Gypsy King and the Bronze Bomber have had a phenomenal battle in Las Vegas! It was truly epic!

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