Will get $ 91.7 million without doing anything? John Wall’s tragicomic situation


Will get $ 91.7 million without doing anything? John Wall’s tragicomic situation

The Houston Rockets are undergoing a major overhaul. The Front Office has negotiated with star point guard John Wall that a new team will be found for him. The owner of one of the most expensive (and worst) contracts in the league will appear in training camp but will not play for the Rockets this coming season. Over the past three years, Wall has dropped significantly from serious injuries, but continues to receive a huge salary. And now the option with its exchange looks like something from the category of fantasy.

Wall joined the Rockets last December. The Washington Wizards, where he played for 10 years, traded him for Russell Westbrook. Then both players requested an exchange from their teams – Wall was dissatisfied with the role of the second violin after Bradley Beale , and Westbrook and James Harden lost faith in the success of the Houston championship project by submitting exchange requests. The team, which on top of everything else lost its general manager Daryl Morey and head coach Mike D’Anthony, found itself in a deplorable situation. But the Rockets need to move on.

In 2017, Wall, a Wizards franchisee, was awarded a maximum contract of $ 170 million. The deal is large, but at the time it looked viable. Who knew that a 5-time NBA All-Star gamer would have negative value after serious injury. John remains the second highest paid player in the NBA. Only Stephen Curry will earn more than him in the coming season . Under the agreement valid until 2023, John is entitled to another $ 91.7 million (for the second year, the player’s option for $ 44.7 million is in effect, which John will not refuse). Given Wall’s current level, his contract is probably the worst in the league. And finding those willing to exchange is an almost unrealistic task.

Wall’s most obvious problem is injury. Since the 2017/2018 season, he took part in just 113 out of 308 possible matches, and also underwent surgery on the heel and Achilles. He missed the whole season before last with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Recently, the defender turned 31 years old, and, frankly, he has little chance of a successful return. This is confirmed by the past championship. Having missed 32 matches, Wall averaged 20.6 points, but gave the worst statistics in his career on rebounds, assists and interceptions. Considering that he is far from being at his peak, the defender has long been unable to be called a $ 44 million player. And hardly any team is seriously considering the option of acquiring him.

At the same time, Houston does not intend to buy Wall’s contract. However, there are no reasonable options for a Wall trade in the league. In their right mind, hardly anyone will acquire John. Especially when you consider that the Perestroika Rockets do not want to lose their picks to say goodbye to the point guard. This complicates an already difficult situation.

There are two weeks left before the start of the training camp. The line-ups of the teams are for the most part formed. No one in the NBA needs Wall right now. Nothing will change in the future. In theory, John could be traded for an equally awful contract by sweetening the deal with valuable assets like Jaelen Green, the No. 2 draft pick in 2021 . “Houston” will not agree to this, and there are no contracts of comparable negative value like Wall in the NBA now. The same Westbrook, for whom Wall was traded, at least brought Washington to the playoffs and showed decent statistics, and now he will fight for the title in the Los Angeles Lakers along with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and a group of star veterans.

Everything goes to that. that Wall will receive $ 91.7 million without doing anything. Or just sit out without playing practice for two years of the contract. Or “Houston” will decide on the ransom and pay the amount due. And then John will be able to subscribe to the minimum wage in another club, if he remains in demand in the NBA at all. It is possible that Wall will repeat the fate of the two-time Star Game participant Isaiah Thomas, who cannot find a job in the league for all his former merits.

Houston Chronicle reporter Daniel Lerner , close to the Rockets, writes that Wall is likely to miss the entire 2021/2022 season. Cause? No one will trade it before the deadline (not to mention the time before the start of the season). In a year, Lerner or another insider will write something similar. Why would someone suddenly want to take a huge $ 47.4 million. In other words, take ballast in the amount of almost 50% of the payroll.

Now about the player himself. Wall will have enough money earned for the rest of his life. But as a basketball player, he seems to have ended. Tragicomic situation.


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