Wilson: still recovering and trying not to hurt UNICS


© Alexander vilf / switch to Banka BasketballУилсон: пока еще прихожу в себя и стараюсь не навредить УНИКСу

Vadim Kuznetsov. Basketball UNICS Kazan Jamil Wilson has told RIA Novosti that have not yet fully adapted to the team, which recently signed a contract.

Wilson signed a two-month contract with UNICS at the end of October. On Sunday in a match with “Nizhni Novgorod” it debuted in the VTB United League. Earlier, Wilson played in the European Cup against Italian “Brescia”.

“I not long ago arrived, so while going through the acclimatization. It’s all good. Get used to the time difference. Do what you can, try not to hurt the team on the court. UNICS is a great team, glad to be here. Want to help her successfully complete the season,” Wilson said RIA Novosti.

“The most difficult thing is the difference in time zones. Russian frosts are not afraid, I’m from the United States, where snow is not uncommon. The important thing is to get your head in order after the flight,” he said.

Wilson stands in the team t-shirt with number 99.

“I took the number 99 in honor of his son. He was born on the 9th of September – so that’s my lucky number,” added Wilson.

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