With goalkeepers and right forwards – order, with the centre – forwards the trouble


In the match with “Los Angeles” (3:5) debuted defender “calgary” Alexander Elesin. Ex-Yaroslavets was the 47th Russian in the NHL this season. This is a record number after the formation in 2008 of the KHL. More telling still another figure: Elesin – the 17th is our newcomer in the League overseas. This in the twenty-first century was not yet!

Obviously, in 90-e years, Russian young stars see their future exclusively in the NHL. That team’s not bad at all, just playing against the strongest, you can add in skill.

Understand how manifest our guys in this regular season.



С вратарями и правыми нападающими – порядок,  с центрфорвардами – беда

Now it’s hard to believe, but 15 years ago we did not have goalies for the team. At the world Championships all the hopes associated with one Maxim Sokolov. In 2002 he shot, and we took silver – the first medal for 9 years. In other tournaments from St. Petersburg were average, and the country dreamed of the gold FIFA world Cup 15 years. Although it could be poor in Quebec. Before crucial matches broke both goalies Semyon Varlamov and Alexander Yeryomenko. Russia saved… the canadian striker “Dallas” Brenden morrow. On 10-th minute of the fourth overtime (!) the sixth match of the Western semifinals of the Stanley Cup, he scored the winning goal “San Jose”. Starz won the series, and the goalkeeper “sharks” Evgenie Nabokov immediately flew to Canada. What happened next, I remember everything perfectly.

Who led the Russian hockey Federation in 2006, Vladislav Tretiak introduced in our clubs draconian tax on foreign goalkeepers, which radically changed the situation. Besides the team began to give this role a special attention, almost everywhere there were trainers of goalkeepers.

Now we are reaping the fruits of a deliberate policy – the team is provided by qualified guardians gate for many years to come, and a new sprocket.

Another great season in “Tampa” carried out by Andrey Vasilevsky. Already 19 games in a row has not lost in regulation time, and 30 wins lead the NHL. If you continue in the same spirit, the second row “Vezina” prize to the best goalkeeper of the season – he’s not going anywhere.

Cool debuted in the AHL and then the NHL Igor Shesterkin. In seven games produced for the Rangers ‘ six Victoria and pushed into the stock of the most experienced Olympic champion-2006 Henrik Lundqvist and perspective Aleksandra Georgieva.

No less impressive, he started his career at the “Washington” Ilya Samsonov – 10 wins in a row. However, in the last rounds a bit passed – it seems tired, first of all – psychologically.

Keep the level of Semyon Varlamov in the “islanders” and Anton Khudobin in Dallas. Harder it at the Florida Sergei Bobrovsky. In a new team of Siberians did not manage to reach the figures achieved at “Columbus”. Maybe Bob fell in vain for a buck in the southern region – in contrast to the advocates of the “Panthers” he is of little help.



С вратарями и правыми нападающими – порядок,  с центрфорвардами – беда

And in this role we have good prospects. Of course, the new Fetisova and Vasilyev has not yet seen, but serious guys have already appeared. And not one or two, and the whole Deposit.

Dmitry Orlov is an essential figure in the “Washington”. Now in its fifth season, does not miss a single match.

Exactly the same Statute made the young Ivan Provorov (23) in Philadelphia and Mikhail Sergachev (21) in the “Tampa”. I am glad that both defenders attacking, which after Andrei Markov in Russia there was a terrible shortage.

Grew up here and powerful forces 24-year-old Nikita Zadorov (“Colorado”), and the classic stay-at-home – 24-year-old Vladislav Gavrikov (“Columbus”), a 25-year-old Ilya Lyubushkin (“Arizona”).

Of course, nine defenders-Russians in the entire NHL is not enough. But it is important not the quantity but the quality. A shift is evident. On the approach of the army Alexander Romanov, who has all the makings – and most importantly, the genes! – to make great things.

Central forward


С вратарями и правыми нападающими – порядок,  с центрфорвардами – беда

The horror, the horror, the horror. But this is a key role in hockey. Pavel Datsyuk has long exchanged fifth decade, and without it, as categorically shouted the February tournament, the national team – the donut hole even in this training tournament.

Replacement Evgeny Malkin, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Artem Anisimov are seen even close. For the youth team gave was the optimism of its captains Vladislav Kamenev (“Colorado”) and Klim Kostin (“St. Louis”), but where are they? Stuck at the farm club level. Maybe both will be useful to restart his career back in the NHL? As well as 22-year-old Mikhail Vorobyov, the second year vainly trying to break the Foundation of Philadelphia.

But the 23-year-old Jacob Trenino to go anywhere is not necessary. Aggressive style overall of Chelyabinsk in the NHL is always in demand. In “Nashville” seem to trust him more and more. Jacob is obliged to cling to this chance. Ramming, powerful centers, and required team.

But not only that, we are now in only 10 NHL forwards of the most important roles. Only Malkin, as the global elite. Anisimov and particularly early stars in the sky are not enough, and after moving settling in “Ottawa” has definitively drooped. Kuznetsov seems to have recovered from the scandal of white powder. But “Washington” is still restricted to second roles, not realizing his outstanding talent and 70 per cent. For the same team for the next four years because of the disqualification he did and cut a slice.



С вратарями и правыми нападающими – порядок,  с центрфорвардами – беда

At first glance, we have here – lyapota. Some sonorous names – Alexander Ovechkin, Artem Panarin, Ilya Kovalchuk, Nikita Gusev, Nikolai Prohorchik. Looking forward in Minnesota Cyril Kaprizova.

But, if you look, Ovi and Kovi advanced age, although it is possible to learn, only looking at the passport. Anyway, these six really cool extreme left essentially void.

World Cup 2016 was lit up in the national team Vladislav Namestnikov. However, after leaving “Tampa”, only degraded in the Rangers, and now – “Ottawa”.

In General, several shock parts, we enough people. However, the provision should be tightened.



С вратарями и правыми нападающими – порядок,  с центрфорвардами – беда

Probably the strongest our position.

MVP NHL-2019 Nikita Kucherov, the leader of the current holders of the Stanley Cup, Vladimir Tarasenko, Perpetuum-mobile, Alexander Radulov, stable Evgeny dadonov, promising Pavel buchnevich, risen from the ashes Valeri Nichushkin, broke a comet in the NHL Ilya Mikheev, the third sniper is terrible “Dallas” Denis Guryanov, finally, the main Russian hope Andrey Svechnikov decades.

Abundance as in communism. And all the guys on the rise. So everywhere.

source: “Soviet sport”

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