“With this game Ovi not fit to think about Gretzky, and the record Nikolkina”


Seven causes of the crisis team Ovechkin.

“Washington” for the second time in a row defeated at home – even with a humiliating result (7:2), as did Philadelphia. “New York islanders” limited to a score of 5:3, but this fact does not change.

After the all-star game, “capitals” have won only in two games of six – and to whom? Notorious outsiders – “Ottawa” and “Los Angeles”. Even the coach of “capital” Todd Rearden admits that a playoff team is not ready.

Understand what happened with the owners of the Stanley Cup-2018.

This whole universe hype around 700, to which Ovechkin is missing two washers, could not affect the team. Everyone understands that they are either as participants or witnesses in real time to observe historical events, which then will tell their children and grandchildren. Of course, every Washingtonian wants to help his captain, so he quickly reached an iconic milestone. Team pattern of play in this rule breaks down.

«С такой игрой Ови впору не о Гретцки думать, а об антирекорде Ничушкина»

On the other hand, opponents also are well aware of the approaching big round numbers, the great eight, which is the best for them extra motivation. No one wants to get into the story. So it is in his gates flew this 700 goal, the game stopped and made a vigorous celebration of the historical achievements of their opponent. So, opponents of the “Washington” know from whom to wait for the main troubles, Ovechkin and therefore pay even more attention than usual.


Tom WILSON, forward of “Washington”

– Of course, we want Ovechkin reached 700 goals. It will be a great day. But now we need to think about how to gain two points in the match, especially at this time of year. We need to play better.

In the last two rounds I just don’t know Alexander. Scoring in seven games, 14 goals and came close to the peak 700, Dynamo suddenly like froze. On the ice were only a shadow of the best sniper of our time. Ovi impressively as mass of Catania, runs on the free ice. Where did the family passion, fighting spirit, focus on the gate – no joints, no hits, no of stroke one to one?!

No, Alexander, so we are not that Bobby hull with his 913 goals – Gretzky will never catch up. No wonder the fans on the Internet have already started to make fun of to say: Ovechkin with this game is not about Gretzky must think, how the incident Nikolkina not to repeat.

I’m sure such will not happen. This psychological aspect must be overcome hard work. Exactly in the same situation landed in 1979, the seasoned captain of the USSR national team Boris Mikhailov, who couldn’t throw 400-th goal in the USSR championship seven matches! But I made it.


Boris MIKHAILOV, the captain of CSKA and USSR national team

– All about psychology. As scored 399-Yu, the next game he skated around in circles. Well, the journalists and began to pester me after every match – when Yes when? In the face of this aggression nervous hands shook. The empty goal was to smear. Then there’s wolf (Smith), and Valery (Kharlamov) steel pin: “Well, when they finally score!” But I so much wanted to Chuck the damn 400 th. Only that from me all got rid.

And here we play with Riga “Dinamo”. Roll with Sasha Gusev two to zero. I immediately decided I will not give away now or never. Score a direct throw Vasilenko either slam into him and shove at the gate along with the washer. Oh, it’s hard to then had Vasilenko, so much anger in me has accumulated. Riding threw the puck over his shoulder stuck in the net. Reporters immediately left me alone. And in that game I another put.

It is always disadvantages – continued advantages. The stability of the structure “Washington,” who retained all the major players Champions in 2018, turns into a predictable action. It would be good the team was young. But no – most of the leading figures in veterans ‘ or close to it age. And therefore to adjust them is extremely difficult. And add in part of the studied schemes is unlikely to succeed.

Opponents – especially in the division for a long time learned the tactics of “capitals”. Know very well what to expect from each, and therefore the antidote and they do not have to look. Because regular torment Ovi and To other representatives of the Metropolitan division, “Philadelphia”, “islanders”, “Carolina”, “Pittsburgh”… Coach “Washington” Todd Rearden needs to urgently develop a plan B.


Lars ELLER, forward of “Washington”

– Perhaps, subconsciously, we decided that the next will be easier because they are top of the table. But now opponents of division are fighting for a place in the playoffs and played more desperate than we are. We have to fight with the same determination. And it is inferior to something slightly, only a couple of percent. But this is enough to rival reached the abandoned puck a little faster – and we’re taking her out of the gate.

The continuation of the two preceding paragraphs. Have the whole Solar system know about how playing the majority of “Washington” and specifically – what is Office No. 8. We have long admired the unique craftsmanship Ovechkin, who, no matter what, day after day, year after year stamped goals from the left faceoff circle.

But, look, in the past two rounds, “Philadelphia” and “islanders” tightly closed Washington the shooter, constantly leaving personal guardian. Alexander began to change positions, but all in vain – the moments he was not quite the word. However, conceding 2:5 “the islanders,” Oshi numerical advantage is still used, and just touch from the left faceoff circle, having traded places with Ovechkin. Perhaps this is the way out of the impasse.


T. J. o’shea, forward of “Washington”

– I think the problem is mental mistakes, unwillingness to play easier where it is possible not to complicate. It happens on the entire site, which for us is quite unusual.

If Niklas Extremum “capitals” the contract has already been extended, then the other hero of the Stanley Cup 2018 Bryden Holtby whose contract with the club expires this summer, no. And in General about the contacts did not yet hear from “Washington” very little money under the salary cap, and next year will have to re-sign the Ovechkin.

Of course, this uncertainty does not contribute to emotional balance 30-year-old Holtby. Hence, frequent swings in the game until the failures, as in a recent meeting with Philadelphia.

After a successful debut in the NHL Ilya Samsonov, who has won 11 consecutive victories, it seemed that it will replace Holtby as the main goalkeeper. But no. Two of his last match with “Pittsburgh” and “islanders” Uralets lost. Moreover, missing from “the islanders” by 31 minutes, scoring five goals from 20 shots for the first time in his career in the NHL was replaced. Obviously, Ilya is buggy for a lot of cases.


Todd REARDEN, the head coach of “Washington”

For Samson this season of growth. So far we have only seen the UPS, but the reality is not only one of them. Sometimes it will not happen. I want to stress that all the goals the islanders were the result of a command error. Ilya, they are not guilty. The first time we had it replaced, but this experience, the young goalkeeper is also required. Because his life is ever going to happen again.

The NHL is usually played with six defenders. Because the loss of even one class Oboronna, but two cannot pass unnoticed. Last summer, hockey said goodbye Brooks “dad” Orpik, Matt Niskanen sent to the Phillies, Christian juice – the farm club.

Yes, from the Flyers in return arrived Radko Gudas. However, the Czech is not as versatile a player as Niskanen. Gudas is a typical strongman stay in, very slow. He got game before that was falling out from the base. Instead of Gudas vs “islanders” was released 20-year-old Slovakian rookie Martin Fehervari and finished the match with the usefulness of “minus 3”.

In fact the entire defense is holding on John Carlson (24 minutes, 39 seconds on the ice per game) and Dmitry Orlov (22.03). But they’re not robots, to the second half of the regular season is logical tired. The more Russian is the fifth season not miss a single match.

How is Rearden going to get out of this situation is a mystery. Before the deadline for transitions at the end of February?


T. J. o’shea, forward of “Washington”

– It is necessary to study the video: maybe the forwards need to do more to help the defenders in their zone. But defenders should be better to read the game. In recent games we just do what we throw goalies in the lurch, although they still have many times rescued.

Remember, genius became a meme saying when he was working in SKA Igor Zakharov, after a series of defeats, he said – the team is scheduled to decline?

Something similar, apparently, for the second championship is happening with Washington. A year ago, from 13 January to 3 February, “capital” suffered eight defeats in nine rounds. Making his debut as head coach last season Todd Rearden conclusions, nuts twirled in January the team in a hole not boomed. To be in it in February? Well, how else to interpret these results:

30 January – 4:5 from “Nashville”;
February 1 – 5:3 “Ottawa”;
February 2 – 3:4 from “Pittsburgh”;
February 5 – 4:2 with “Los Angeles”;
February 9 – 2:7 with “Philadelphia”;
February 11 – 3:5 with the islanders.

You will receive a decision in the next five days: “Washington” going to visit “Colorado”, “Arizona” and “Vegas”.


Todd REARDEN, the head coach of “Washington”

We landed in a heavy band. Lose contests, making bad decisions with the puck, allowed mental mistakes. If the first half of the season found ways to win where we probably didn’t deserve it, but now find ways to lose. None of us are happy. But if you focus only on the positive, will never be a team ready for the playoffs. Now we’re definitely not ready.

I tell my players, and I don’t think someone shocked by the conclusion that we don’t show a victorious hockey. We have to improve. Now fills bumps, but ultimately, these cones will help. In recent years we have been in a position where victory had been too easy. Sometimes useful to overcome this difficult stage.

source: “Soviet sport”

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