“With virtual reality, the world is not connected.” In “the Locomotive” has responded to the information about the interest in Kokorin


The head of the Board of Directors of “Locomotive” Anatoly Mescheryakov commented on reports that the capital club can strengthen striker Alexander Kokorin.

True held a meeting of the transfer Committee “Locomotive”? If there was a decision on Kokorin?

— I officially declare. In the virtual world is that virtual hosts various events. And they discuss different virtual transactions. Unfortunately, with the realities of the virtual world is not connected. Point.

— You can still clarify. Kokorin will be in the “Locomotive”?

— How do people receive information? I’ve already told you.

His candidacy was not discussed?

— Well, do not want to comment on everything that someone out there came up with…

— But the signing of Lokomotiv Kokorin looks logical.

— Yes, all is logical. Especially information about what we offer 4 million as a signing bonus…

— Isn’t it?

— Yes, I have you all commented. Did someone in the “Locomotive” maybe something to do?

Last season, the Tinkoff RPL 29-year-old Kokorin on loan played in Sochi, played 10 matches and scored 7 goals.

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