Wolves: UFC tournament in Russia – more spectacular event than my birthday


© Photo : page in Instagram Alexander Volkov,Alexander VolkovВолков: турнир UFC в России - более яркое событие, чем мой день рождения

Sergey Astakhov. The Russian fighter of the mixed single combats (MMA) Alexander Volkov before the fight Brazilian Junior DOS Santos said that for him, the UFC tournament in Russia more vivid event in your life than their own birthday.

The Volkov fight against Junior DOS Santos will take place in Moscow on 9 November. The evening will take place at the UFC arena in the “Park of Legends”. The wolves, who in October will celebrate 31 years, spent 37 fights in his career in which he scored 30 wins (20 knockouts), seven losses (two by knockout). Asset 35-year-old DOS Santos 21 wins (13 by knockout) and five defeats.

“Not my first birthday that I meet in preparation for the fight. I used to have depressing birthdays. It is now grown up and relate to it differently. When I turned 18, I invited many friends. Then I was a professional athlete. This morning I had competition, I had to kick friends in the morning. For me, the UFC tournament in Russia more spectacular event than my birthday,” Volkov told reporters.

“When you start to doubt yourself, you can lose the fight. If I don’t believe in yourself, then who will? No one before the fight, to which I agreed, will not be able to make me insecure about. To subscribe to UFC and to act for the sake of it does not allow me the status, I have a lot of fight, even more played by Amateurs. I need to go out and win any one I will offer. With such thoughts I came here,” he added.

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