Would omark are “Salavat” to the Gagarin Cup? Questions left unanswered in the NHL


The KHL season 2019/2020 completed ahead of schedule, we already left without hockey until the fall (see the championship of Belarus and waiting for NHL to resume the season). Or still not sure? And the playoffs were good and ended at the beginning of the most interesting. In isolation it only remains to talk about the questions that remained unanswered in the NHL.

Would have won Umark the Gagarin Cup?

Remember, in the spring of Linus omark are said that the next season will be his last in the NHL, and in the summer, during pre-season training camp of “Salavat”, made another loud statement? “The next owners of the Cup of Gagarin. Believe me!” — he signed a collective photo Ufimtsev. Who, then, hand on heart, believed him one hundred percent? And who believed during the traditionally hectic regular season “Salavat”?

Former player of “Salavat” Igor Grigorenko, who was part of this team won the title in 2011 at the end of December and did raschehlili Swede for being too licentious and debauched game, proposing to refer it to the “Toros” or vacation.

The grounds for such a hot tirade, of course, was the experience Grigorenko can understand. But “Salavat”, as in the previous year, in the playoffs transformed, and largely by the same Umurku. In the regular season can afford to make mistakes, and in the playoffs again showed that not in vain called the leader of the team. Your summer statement Linus did not forget and take it very seriously. 12 points in six games of the series with “Avant-garde” — it was unstoppable.

Now we can only guess as Umark would tear “AK bars” and could the team Dmitry Kvartalnov to stop him. Judging by the first round, the chances of “Salavat” in the finals of the Gagarin Cup was decent, and in the final neither of which can not renounce.

There would be the “soldiers” of ways to close Sipacheva?

To start with Moscow. “Spartak” could not do, but CSKA and opportunities, and the quality of performers for that task is not an example anymore. Last year, the series between Dynamo and CSKA missed just five games, and he Shipachev scored 3 (0+3) points. Although his partners Indrasis and Kagarlitsky — played not the best way (Kagarlitsky at the end of the series and is replaced by Bryukvin).

In the same season Shipachev working closely with the enforcer sniper Dmitry Yashkin, and together, they began to burn the ice under them. As a natural result of a bunch finished the regular season, leading the list of scorers in the League, and Askino quite a bit not enough to become the best sniper. I think the current “Dynamo” would be able to impose the fight to CSKA, but dealing with a formidable “army” machine is actually a one bundle? In any case, to look at it would be extremely interesting.

Would get Derby SKA – Jokerit basis for confrontation?

When Jokerit has appeared in the NHL, his principled opponents immediately identified the SKA. This was facilitated by the proximity of St. Petersburg and Helsinki, and the comparable strength of the teams. The players didn’t mind and agreed – Yes, these games are fundamental. But in fact it is a Derby for six years it remained only a simulacrum, not having under itself no bases.

For fans of SKA much more significant opponents are those same “Spartak”, CSKA and “Dynamo”. Jokerit Helsinki have lost their traditional Derby with Chipcom, and the new candidate are the main enemies were determined internally, for lack of anything better. Even in this season, SKA has played six matches with the “jesters” and CSKA (and “Jokerit” — with “the Locomotive”). In General, Derby several years remained a fake, ponaroshechnomu, let the team and fought every year the fight for the best team in the division.

But it’s the case of the regular season and in the playoffs Jokerit and SKA have not met even once. And this is his chance to lay the Foundation for confrontation. Jokerit showed the beautiful game and for the first time in a long time he had a real chance to break through the barrier of the second round. Wow, the series would be – upload. But, alas, will have to be postponed until better times.

Why was there no clear response from the NHL?

And it waited for the clubs, and especially of “Jokerit”. And the players, especially the foreign players. About hockey after the first round, few people thought. If the League was not silent, and urgently developed initial measures would not be unauthorized removal from the Cup of Gagarin.

The KHL had to make a decision – clear that would have calmed everyone. And would any decision to cancel the season and suspend with the ability to play later (even in the summer, during this time, it would be possible to settle issues with contracts).

What is the game in an empty stadium, he saw in the sixth match of “Spartacus” and “Dynamo” — the pleasure was doubtful. Moreover, the coronavirus was already leaps and bounds in Europe and it was clear that soon and in Russia will take serious action (at the moment they have already taken in several cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Finland).

Most do not understand why the League just a few days was silent, explaining nothing. That alone was a blow to the image of our League, it has been criticized in the foreign press. Revolted legionaries – first, Linus omark are other players of “Salavat”, and then they were joined by Danis Zaripov from “AK Bars”, the other players.

Leaders must be able to take responsibility, especially in difficult times. I understand why the League waited so long that there is internal struggle, but I still can’t understand.

Why you need a loophole, which made FHR in your statement?

Immediately after the announcement of the KHL news released on the website of the FHR. It said on the early completion of the KHL season, but it is not interesting, and the words of the President of the Federation Vladislav Tretyak: “in the case of stabilization of the FHR returns to the negotiation process with the KHL about the possibility of holding sporting events in this season.”

It is also interesting that the picture in the social networks of the KHL, signaling the end of the season, soon “lost” the note that the holder of the Gagarin Cup will not be defined. In the present circumstances surprising not to have any more, but how so? The early season was canceled, but with the ability to take it back and finish later when the epidemiological situation stabiliziruemost?

That member of the Board of Directors of the KHL and SKA Alexander Medvedev said on the possibility of extending the playoffs in August (by the way, MHL on a similar option, said quite officially, on the website of the League).

At this statement, the League indicated that the options for the continuation of the playoffs in the summer was discussed, but their shallows as too complicated and impracticable. Or is it not shallow?

Again, no clear position in the League. It is clear that the same CSKA hurt to throw in the trash season, which invested a lot of resources, because the summer in the NHL are going to fly and Whims, and Sorokin, and Okulov, and many other key players. It is insulting to be and SKA, which showed quite nice hockey. And “Siberia”, which for the first time in a few got into the playoffs and have already beat “Motorist”. And “Barys” and “AK a Leopard” with “Salavat”. But these wandering and uncertainty do not add the League’s authority. Speak directly and do not leave loopholes.

How to allocate space?

The season ended early, but the KHL has plans to distribute places in the championship. “The decision on the allocation of seats in the championship-2019/2020 be accepted at one of the next meetings of the Board of Directors of the KHL” — said in a statement to the League.

“Championship” launched on the eve of the vote on whether after the early end of the season to determine the winner of the Gagarin Cup – 66% of respondents to this question answered in the negative. The Gagarin Cup and the champion of Russia (which I assume is meant by the distribution of seats) – a bit different, but, nevertheless, the majority significant.

This option seems the most logical – champion of Russia, except for one season in the KHL, is determined in the playoffs. And once the playoffs not to continue, then the champion should not be. In this respect, the reaction of the clubs in the championship of Slovakia. The League decided to hand out the medals, despite the unfinished season, but the silver and bronze medalists brought them back, believing that the awarding procedure is unfair.

The only option that remains if the champion will be determined, to give gold, silver and bronze to end the regular season (CSKA, “AK Bars” and SKA, respectively). But it is fundamentally wrong.

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