Yaremenko: the new format of the CHR in volleyball is not an experiment but a necessary measure


© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song / Jump into the stock photographyVolleyballЯременко: новый формат ЧР по волейболу – не эксперимент, а вынужденная мера

Sergey Smyshlyaev. The new format of the championship of Russia in volleyball can not be called an experiment, is a necessary measure, said the Secretary General of Russian volleyball Federation (vfv), Alexander Yaremenko.

In the new season in the men’s super League will involve 14 teams in the women’s 12. Accordingly, in the men’s championship will be two groups of seven teams each. In women – two groups of six. The composition of the groups is defined by a sports principle “snake” at the end of last season. At the first stage teams will play twice with their rivals in the group, and at least once against teams from the other group. The table tournaments will be shared without dividing into groups.

“It’s not an experiment, as a consequence of the fact that the pre-Olympic season. Olympic games will start July 24, this is one week earlier than usual start. Plus the international calendar, the League of Nations. Considering the burden on athletes, the decision was made to end the championship of Russia not later than 5 April. Because in the beginning of may already advanced stage of the League of Nations. Even considering the January break for Olympic selection, all of the cups need to take a break. And in this period it was possible to fit only this format,” – said Yaremenko reporters.

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