Yarmolenko: the Situation in England is not the best


Forward “West ham United” Andrey Yarmolenko told about life in London in the conditions of the quarantine, which was imposed in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus.


“The family all good health, stay at home and try not to go out.

Coronavirus in “West ham”? I read about this online but none of the players was reported ill. I hope that everyone is healthy.

The club gave us a four day weekend. After this two day training was in small groups, we were changing on the street. Mostly we just ran and hit the target.

It was not so, as always. Then we were again allowed to go home. We were immediately told that everyone should stay in London.

People become much more concerned. Two weeks ago there was no such panic. Everything is closed.

Are only grocery stores and pharmacies sickens a lot of people. The situation in England is not the best.

Of course, the club supports us. The doctor almost every day enquired about the health of the players has a chef who can bring your food home if you live alone.

Also, the coach was prepared for each program. Every day you know what you’re gonna do”, — quotes the words Yarmolenko with reference to the program “Great football”.

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