You can’t get away from yourself. Alexey Shved returned to CSKA


Alexey Shved in CSKA is a story equally cozy and sad, one of those when a rebellious teenager escapes from a wealthy family, faces harsh reality and, realizing that he is unable to translate his protest into something meaningful, returns to his father’s house, where the unlucky child is already waiting for the yearned parents.

The most minor thing in this plot, the ending of which, in fact, suits everyone, is that the Swede did not so much manage to overcome the circumstances as preferred to distance himself from them, which inevitably brought him back to CSKA.

Seriously, where else could Alexei go after Khimki’s atomic self-destruction? To the NBA, Europe, China? I am sure that in any of these places, but the Swede was never particularly distinguished by his inquisitiveness. It is precisely inquisitiveness, because the desire to stay in a familiar environment, with a beloved family, an established business is just a desire that is understandable, commendable and ordinary. There is nothing wrong.

You can't get away from yourself. Alexey Shved returned to CSKA

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It is much worse when these desires do not correspond to the scale of the personality that is in their captivity. A gifted writer who copiously splashes his unwillingness to work on a book with alcohol and laments his lack of inspiration. A middle-aged woman who sets her alarm every Sunday at seven in the morning to go for a run, and then sleepily postpones her grandiose plans for another week. The best Russian basketball player of his generation, who could become not only a strong professional, a good family man, a successful businessman, but also an international star …

Instead, the 32-year-old Shved is moving from Khimki near Moscow to CSKA Moscow. And that’s great. For all.


I would like to be happy for Khimki. Because if the team were forced to pay the rest of the Swede’s two-year contract, the club would not have pulled it off. And this was definitely not part of the management’s plans. Actually, the general sponsor of Khimki will cover the difference between the old agreement between the Swede and the club, which the parties terminate, and the new contract, which he concludes with CSKA. Simply put, the terms of the contract with CSKA will be more modest than with Khimki, but the Moscow Region club will finish off the penalty.

You can't get away from yourself. Alexey Shved returned to CSKA

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Khimki at the cost of lower financial costs solve the main headache for themselves, the Swede safely avoids litigation over the payment of the old contract from a virtually bankrupt club, receives a new contract and compensation, and CSKA takes one of the most expensive players in Europe on sale. Grace.


CSKA needed a bright attacking player to replace Mike James, and the club found him. Moreover, the Swede is a more profitable option for the army, and it’s not just a Russian passport. It’s ridiculous to read the comments that Alexey will become a worthy successor to James’s problematic legacy with his excessive abuse of individual actions and squabbles with Dimitris Itoudis.

You can't get away from yourself. Alexey Shved returned to CSKA

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James was a hot commodity even before he came to CSKA, continued to be so when the army coach sat him on the bench, and eventually left for Brooklyn, claiming the championship.

In the event of an extraordinary conflict, none of the Russian clubs will be able to afford to satisfy the demands of the Swede. As for the rest of the options, Alexei himself will not want to go anywhere, he would rather announce the end of his career than decide on serious changes in his life. This is not a flaw, it is a character trait. Waging a guerrilla war against Itoudis – a very categorical person – will not work either, especially since Itoudis himself and CSKA probably absorbed the previous sad experience and interpreted it when drawing up a contract with the Swede.

So there will be no such carte blanche that Alexei had in Khimki and in relations with Rimas Kurtinaitis. A home is not only a warm old man’s embrace, but also strict admonitions that must be followed.


That rare case when they just may not become a problem. The Swede will be an important, but not a backbone, part of Itoudis’ plan with its many and constant shifts of playing fives. And the Swede himself will hardly purposefully strive to once again become the best sniper in the Euroleague.

At Khimki, his performance was not only a posture and necessity, but also a kind of individual compensation for the Moscow Region club’s inability to claim something significant in Europe.

Here the situation is different, the chances are real, and if for the sake of the title it will be necessary to sacrifice personal records, the Swede will do it. If not, CSKA will popularly explain to him the non-obviousness of such a point of view.

Whether the Swede fits into the ethical and strategic norms of Itoudis or not, it will be interesting to look at it anyway.

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