“You don’t know our wrath.” A good man has failed to punish the soldier that insulted the Habib


Sometimes the fighter creates a name for himself not because of sports. Dmitry Kuznetsov became known to the public a few months ago, recording the clip with insults Habib Nurmagomedov. In the video, Dmitry appeared in the form of an eagle and rudely went through the life of Habib, noticing, as he seems to be hypocrisy and cowardice of the champion of UFC. From Nurmagomedov no reaction followed. A few days after posting the clip Kuznetsov said that he tried to beat a group of young people. Fighter named Anubis escaped with minor injuries and a broken car.

Of course, friends and fans of Habib publication of the video caused a sharp negative reaction. One of the most dissatisfied was the Japanese master of sports in combat Sambo , Abubakar Mamedov, with whom Kuznetsov briefly crossed paths in several tournaments. The prison Abubakar even gave Dmitry a slap in the face and took his cap, in which he watched the fight his friend. Soon conflict led to a duel with bare fists, which the men held under the auspices of the promotion Hardcore Fighting.

Video of the fight available for viewing on channel Hardcore Fighting Championship on YouTube.

Anubis entered the arena beautifully, beating his nickname and climbed out of the coffin. His opponent, nicknamed Softie, not staged like the show, but looked much larger than Kuznetsov. Although Mammadov before the battle, promised “to punish for mistakes” your opponent in the octagon, everything turned out differently. In the first round for the first time Dagestan was knocked down, and then pulled feet shoes and began reason to closely examine the ankle. Standing, Mamedov began occasionally to get, but its sweeping overhand read too easily.

Abubakar was nervous that his hand had resulted in the regular takedowns, against the rules of fisticuffs. Soon Mammadov started to panic, breaking the rules more and more often. Anubis continued quietly and firmly break the opponent, regularly sending him to the canvas and at the end of three rounds won a legitimate victory on points. Kuznetsov showed that he can not only to remove the offending clips: fighter perfectly worked with their hands and have clearly done gameplan. However, in MMA, Dmitry is good, too: of their last 12 matches he lost only one, alternating wins sammicheli and knockouts.

The behavior Mammadov was not the cold-blooded. Apparently, the athlete burned out before the fight and couldn’t hold back the jitters. In the third round he began to aggressively respond to the advice from his corner, talking with displeasure. After the defeat of Abubakar at first did not want to be interviewed, was silent and looked completely depressed. His speech was incoherent at first, but gradually he came to himself: “Today is the day my opponent. But you’re still wrong. Take your video, take it down. You don’t know what our anger. If we be angry, you will not live in want. Let us live in peace, says Leopold the cat”.

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