Young stars at the Glinka / Gretzky Cup. Many of them will soon conquer the NHL.


Young stars at the Glinka / Gretzky Cup. Many of them will soon conquer the NHL.

The Glinka / Gretzky Cup ended at the end of last week. Russia defended the champion title and defeated the Slovaks in the final. Much has already been said about Russian players, and it is hard to deny that Russia was represented at the Cup by an incredibly talented and strong team. After all, the Russian youth passed the tournament without a single defeat. But today we want to talk about stars from other countries who can get to the nearest MFM, and then conquer the NHL.

Dalibor Dvorski (Slovakia)

Slovakia has a very powerful team. They could well qualify for gold medals, but Matvey Michkov and company stood in their way. Such a defeat should be especially offensive for Dalibor Dvorski. One of the most talented strikers in Slovakia, the entire tournament occupied the first line in the list of scorers. But in the end he lost the first line to Michkov. So for Dvorski at the Glinka / Gretzky Cup – a double defeat. But it’s good to see the battle for first place unfold between two avenues in the 2023 NHL draft. Michkov and Dvorski scored 8 goals each, but Matvey had one more assists at the end of the tournament. We hope to see them again next year.

Juraj Slafkovski (Slovakia)

One of the biggest players in the tournament is Juraj Slafkovski. At 17, his height is 192 cm, and his weight is 102 kg. The striker spent last season in the Finnish league, representing the youth TPS from Turku. In the tournament, he scored 9 points in 5 games. And if Dworski is more of an artist with a precise wrist, then Slafkowski prefers to score with great shots from a distance.

Matthias and Hugo Havelids (Sweden)

In case you missed it, twins played in this tournament. Brothers Matthias and Hugo Havelid are representatives of the Swedish national team and prospects for the next NHL draft. The first is the defender, the second is the goalkeeper. The brothers are 17 years old and both began their careers at Linkoping. But for now they play for teams of different ages: Matthias spent last season at Linkoping U20, and Hugo was the main goalkeeper of Linkoping U18. Now the first has become the leader in points in his national team: in 5 games he scored 9 points. And the second one dragged the Swedish national team to the semifinals and won bronze.

Elias Petterson (Sweden)

Only Russians are in the top four in terms of usefulness of defenders. Next comes the Swedish defender Elias Petterson. At home, he plays for the Örebro junior teams and does so very successfully. At the tournament, he was not particularly noted for effective actions (1 + 1 in 5 games), but at the same time his coefficient of utility was “+5”. He is often released to the minority, and in equal compositions we could observe him paired with Matthias Havelid.

Liam Jogren (Sweden)

And in continuation about the Swedish national team. Among all the forwards, Liam Jogren is worth highlighting. Together with Philip Büstedt and Linus Hemström, they had the most productive three of the Swedish national team. The main sniper among them is Jogren. In 5 games, he scored 7 points, scoring four times. All three semifinal goals against the Slovak national team are the work of these guys.

Joakim Kemell (Finland)

The best striker and the main hope of the Finnish national team. At the Cup, a little more was expected from him, but Kemell still became the most productive player in Suomi, gaining 6 points, of which 5 are goals. The Jyväskylä striker is 17 years old and has only played one match in the Finnish league. But in the first match at the senior level he scored. He also performed at the junior world championship in May, even scored three goals there. A good sniper and a good artist, but this was not enough for the Finnish national team.

Young stars at the Glinka / Gretzky Cup.  Many of them will soon conquer the NHL.

Topi Ronni (Finland)

The second most talented striker after Joachim Kemell. Ronni is a solid center of the second triplet of attack. The representative of the Finnish “Tappara” for five games in the national team scored six points, but of them only two goals. But good-naturedly he handed out programs to his partners, especially – Jani Nymanu.

Jani Nyman (Finland)

Finn Jani Nyman became a peculiar discovery of the Cup. The Finnish Ilves representative scored six points in five games: scored three times and gave up three times. His partner, the talented center Topi Ronni, also helped him in this. As a result, Numan scored more than the second star of the Finnish national team. But he, like all the listed representatives of the national team, has a drawback: a big minus in the indicator of usefulness.

Jiri Kulich (Czech Republic)

And a little about the Czechs. The semi-hosts of the tournament were unable to advance to the playoffs, but fought to the last. The main fighter of the Czech Republic is Jiri Kulich, the top scorer of the national team. Last year, the player rushed between Czech leagues of different ages and was able to score points everywhere, except for the adult league. At the Glinka / Gretzky Cup, he scored three goals.

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