“You’re the boy found, on the weak to breed? Come to Omsk, I’m worthy of meeting.” Shlemenko gave the answer Emelianenko


The former champion of Bellator on the average weight Alexander Shlemenko responded to the claim of Alexander Emelianenko that he had asked for a fight with him for a large fee.

Listen, Fedor, you’re the boy that I found on poorly then I breed? If you want to wear gloves or without gloves, something to figure out to fight — no problem. Come to us in Omsk. I am worthy of you out here.

— But you’re going there to earn money and fight to draw themselves with their friends from “REN TV”. So the fee you were announced, you know it. Enough to negotiate some favorable terms and so on. Then you have Boxing, or something else.

— So if you want something specifically, you can call or tell me. What you scribble here, there, video in Instagram throw work to the public, said Shlemenko in a video published on his page in Instagram.

Previously Emelianenko has agreed to fight with Shlemenko by rules MMA.

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