Zelimkhan Bakaev: We have not shown the high, will play even stronger


After the match “Spartak” – CSKA, ended with a home win (2:1), midfielder red-white Zelimkhan Bakaev shared their impressions. News SMI2

– What emotions you have from the Derby?
– The most positive. The victory turned out to be difficult and important.

– Due to the managed to turn the game in the second half?
– Due to the coach’s instructions. He got us set up. Although the mood was crazy, but four games in ten days story hard. This has an impact. Coach told us to play through I can not, and we deserved to win. We controlled the entire second half, created, ran and eventually took the three points.

– The smoke in the second half prevented?
– We do not, but the judge said that it interfered with VAR.

– During a pause in the game was hard?
– No. We do not care. Not to smoke it.

– You didn’t think the smoke helped “Spartacus”, because CSKA scored, he had a good pace?
Who knows. Maybe that helped, maybe we would score.

– Today I scored some defenders. What is the reason?
Standards counterattack. Gigot started well, we Anda well dispersed, it perfectly put the ball on the head and Gigot did. So thanks to him.

– Follow up on trainings?
– It happened spontaneously. He took a chance, ran aggressively and was rewarded for it.

– Doesn’t hurt that Gigot has overtaken you in the list of scorers “Spartacus”?
– Do not hurt. The important thing is that we won. Not up to it. And goals are.

Gigot spent a crazy match, agree.
– I think all the Central axis took a fantastic match. And Gigot, of course. Two goals in the Derby is fantastic.

– Maybe you should attack to detach?
– You see, he succeeds in defence and in attack. There is the place.

– When firecrackers exploded in the stands, was it scary?
– No. Was not. We used to, but I haven’t played much for Spartak.

– “Spartak” already the fourth in the table. Catch up with the leaders.
Is just the beginning. We have time.

– We can say that the black bar is gone?
Yes, Yes. We became quieter. We have less pressure. I hope we will also support our fans, no matter what. It helps. Recent results speak for themselves.

– Today the team played without centreforward. As was unusual with Him?
Guys, the world champion plays on the edge. A pleasure to play with him when you receive the ball, and he’s already next to you. We are lucky that such people play on the edge. He helps us and so much easier to play. He is there, helping out of defence, always adapts and gives outputs.

– With Larsson as understanding? Already there?
– Of course. He is also a player of very high level young. I think he still will progress. This is not our maximum. We will be showing the game even more.

source: “Soviet sport”

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